Services and my reviews

Femdom services – a summary of the fiendish delights I offer:

  • Ties and tease
  • Massage>/li>
  • Bondage and bdsm
  • Slave training
  • Anal training/strap_on
  • Trampling/foot worship/leg worship
  • Double domination as a sexy duo with my friend Paige Fox & also 2 girls shows
  • Foot stimulation
  • Humiliation/role play/sub games
  • Shopping trips/lunch
  • Face sitting/smothering

Whether you are an experienced sub or new to the game as long as you are courteous & well mannered then I will consider you for a real time session. If you are new to femdom or simply curious don’t be shy – I can be gentle with newcomers (at least to start with!)

Do you wish to become my play thing for my entertainment and amusement or do you require further training in how best to serve your Mistress? To be tethered & teased, humiliated, and abused? Then humbly step into my dominion and await your fate!

For all femdom bookings I am able to film our session if you wish, and provide you with a copy of the tape on the basis that I have a copy too, and of course a mask is permitted.

My time is valuable; please be sure to familiarise yourself with my required tribute before contacting me.

To request a booking, email me with preferred dates & times, and some information on yourself and your preferences.

Comments from my slaves and subs:


“Wow great time had :) ))..Will revist again”

” Stunning lady, always reliable, full of weird and wonderful ideas, and without doubt one of the best models I have had the pleasure to work with.”

” Stunning lady, always reliable, full of weird and wonderful ideas, and without doubt one of the best models I have had the pleasure to work with.”

“Another fantastic session. Thank you Mistress. I can’t wait to kneel at your feet again, and to push the boundaries even further next time!”

“what a glorious kinky Mistress”

“Very pretty girl and very good at domination. Kaz doesn’t just play at it, she LOVES it and it shows!”

“The next several hours were then amongst the most amazing hours of my life! I wanted to explore a good deal of bdsm activities (hence the long 4-hour session length) and that is exactly what I got. During this time not once did Kaz look at her watch to check the time. As per her profile, she can also do all levels of bdsm play; we started with quite light play such as tie and tease and light spanking, but when I asked for more and she could see I was enjoying the experience she was easily able to change up to more extreme pain play. Kaz had brought a massive amount of varied equipment with her, and the equipment was all clean, and of a very high standard. Highlights of the activities included wax play, trampling, whipping, and strap-on play… which was amazing. She started with her smallest strap-on (again showing a great deal of care for her sub), but after opening me up a bit, and as she could tell I was enjoying the experience she ‘upgraded’ to a larger model. This was the highlight of the night to be sure. Also worth pointing out is that Kaz is not only superb with the physical aspects of the session, but is excellent with the psychological parts as well; she got right inside my head, and could tell when I had taken too much of something, or not enough. So, in summary, this was the perfect femdom session with an amazing dominatrix. I will be back for more soon!”

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