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A day in the life of Princess Kaz

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Life is never dull as a Mistress. Whether I am browsing for shiny new implements of pain and pleasure or testing them on a willing victim, every single day is different that is for sure. I have a lot of requests from people new to domination, asking to be tied, tease and reprimanded somewhat and I always take great delight in teasing them wonderfully and throwing a few challenges into the mix to keep them on their toes.

Sexy Corset

What I am going to tell you next will ultimately surprise you and perhaps shock you a little also…my most requested service is…wait for it…Strap-On Training! But wait, that’s not the shocking part, the shocking part is what I am about to reveal to you….I would say at least 65% of men (if not higher) either desire or are prepared to have something inserted into their bottoms! ‘Am I gay they cry?’ I say ‘Do you fancy men?’ then I say ‘Then of course it is not gay. It is only gay if you have a willy in your bottom…not a piece of plastic!’ This tends to reassure them that they are not a raging homosexual. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but of course some of them are married with families. It is not my place to judge and if it keeps the marriage going then who am I to argue!

Strap-on Mistress

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I have found myself domming alongside Mistress Sin and Mistress Bailey and humiliating a sub on webcam, myself also playing camera lady between sardonic remarks and loving lashes! I have had a Slave book me for an hour…beg to just kiss my feet…and then without any encouragement make an explosion in his pants and leave 15 minutes into the session!

Foot Worship Watford

Probably one of the most interesting was an older gentleman who is what some lifestyle subs might call a ‘pain slut’. He loved to tie his man bits up nice and tight and then dangle a big mallet from them so it acted as a weight. Then 4 crocodile clips were applied to his dinky and he wished to be slapped – yes down there! He seems to have an incredible threshold for pain – he is quite a veteran! I have even had an elderly gentleman hobble in on walking sticks and ask for a spanking! We had to keep stopping to make sure he was comfortable though as he suffers with a few back problems!
Whilst I am a domme, I don’t let this interfere with my human side if I feel that someone needs a little extra TLC or have a disability or infirmity. Also I tend to chat a great deal to my subs and often they will confide in me as they know I am discrete and can be trusted. It’s all part of the job. I even have a member of a political party come to see me…but I’m afraid for obvious reasons I cannot reveal which one! Wouldn’t you like to know! I am a proud Scorpion and Scorpio’s take their secrets to their graves with them.

I am available for bookings in Watford most days and also will be touring Swindon on 30th September and 1st october with Mistress Bailey. The fastest way to book an appointment is to drop me a text on:

07572 273 296

with your preferred times and preferred style of domination or to drop me an e-mail through the site.

Watford Dominatrix

Domination In Hertfordshire

Inside the mind of Mistress Bailey (Tour with Princess Kaz Bank Holiday Weekend)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Hello There #Guys #Subs #Slaves #Sluts #Sissies from your strict and merciless Mistress – Paige Bailey!

The bank holiday is looming and Mistress Paige and Mistress Kaz are teaming up again for more of our delightful, divine and erotic sessions in #Watford for two days.

We are certainly looking forward to getting our hands on some naughty well as each other (how very naughty) ! Perhaps we might enjoy each other a little on the webcam between sessions to keep us all warmed up and raring to go! Oh you lucky boys!

We are looking at getting our hands on new slaves, and turning them to the dark side. So they become fetish converts. Well it wouldn’t be the first time and certainly not the last!

We love nothing more then seeing a horny man desperate for us, but giving him that denial and then teasing him with wonderful toys, fingering his tight arse with latex clad fingers and warming him up for our lovely strap ons. Why not a spit-roast or two whilst we are at it as well! Image us as the sandwich and you as the delicious filling – nicely stuffed!

It is certainly domination with a difference for newbies
But we also love spanking and role play, and we enjoy our roles are formidable Miss Bailey and the bitchy prefect Miss Amelia, (Princess Kaz B) who has not problem dobbing you into Miss Bailey to deal with. She loves to play the precocious brat and terrorise you with her brattish ways!

So two hot blondes offering domination with a sexy difference! You would be very silly to miss out on the truly terrific experience which includes all kinds of role play, toys, props, mind games, spanking and every scenario you could ever dream of!

Book Now to reserve your place – The fastest way to book is to text Mistress Kaz on

07572 273 296

This guarantees the fastest response and booking!

We look forward to meeting you!

Mistress Sin has joined my Harem of Divine Dommes In Watford

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Visit my blog site for the latest news on Mistress Sin joining the ranks of Watford Mistresses and join me for duo’s and trios with Mistress Bailey. More exciting updates and tours here:

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes