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Sensual Domme Duo

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Mistress Sin the ultimate Queen of Sin is in town and will be available for femdom duo’s with myself Princess Kaz from 5th October 2015

Mistress Sin also known as the Original Goth Barbie, is a sensual queen of femdom and loves long languishing strokes and tease. She will torment and thrill you and heighten all your senses. Between us we have our slaves completely enraptured and on their knees as we command them and have them obey our every word.

Being a domme isn’t all about yelling at the top of her voice! Princesses shouldn’t have to raise their voices and risk harming their delicate throats. A firm command, with a twinkle in the eye and a swift crop to the buttocks should be all that is needed. Perhaps a condescending remark or a humiliating punishment to put an unruly sub in his place!

We expect obedience at all times, and of course well mannered and obedient subs are always rewarded well for their efforts. It is simply not in their best interests to misbehave. Should a sub make even a minor misdemeanor then they are accordingly punished, appropriately and without a second thought. A few well places stinging lashes, being sent to the naughty corner with their hands on their head, or being dressed in a pair of frilly pants to parade before their Mistresses. Punishments are always personalised and appropriate to the sub in question.

Of course bribery gets our subs everywhere and we never say no to beautiful gifts..a sexy pair of seamed stockings, a nice cold bottle of veuve clicquot, or even a classy set of enticing underwear. We are always prepared to assist subs on shopping trips for us if they are stuck for ideas on how to spoil their two favourite Princesses!

We accept both novices, newcomers and experienced subs. You can book us both for one to one sessions or a duo if you have the stamina!
Simply Call

07572 273 296

to book your femdom appointment with one or both of us Reading Mistresses! Berkshire has never been so kinky!

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