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Sexy School Prefect Snitches again!

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

I do love a bit of role play…in fact I specialise in this subject and just love to slip into my various alter ego’s to be the meanest character I can possibly dream up!

When I work alongside Mistress Bailey she fits perfectly into the role of Head Mistress with her stern expression, steely eyes and cold commanding voice! She makes the subs tremble at her feet. So it seemed only fitting to compliment her strict school marm demeanor, with a more bratty character who serves as a provocation to Miss Bailey, and whom encourages her to dish out sterner punishments to the sub in question! So I developed Miss Amelia, a rather smug, so called goody-two-shoes who is both hypocritical and a total snitch! On the plus side she can be quite provocative and teasing, but she does love to slyly giggle as she gets the other pupils an extra 20 hard lashes!

Recently the fabulous Head Mistress – Paige Bailey and I (playing Miss Amelia) met with a sub whom I shall call Percy Pecker. Patrolling the corridors at lunch time, I spy my with utter delight Mr Pecker, not only slouched in a slovenly manner making the hall way look particularly untidy with his shambles of a presence…but with his shirt un-ironed his tie skewiff…and SMOKING A CIGARETTE on school premises! Well it is a Prefects job to correct this outrageous behaviour so immediately I pulled him into Miss Bailey’s office by the ear, telling him what an awful amount of trouble he was in. He complained the whole way and was very rude to Miss Bailey, which only served to exacerbate his predicament! When will that foolish boy learn!
Miss Bailey was appalled and quiet rightly so! Pecker very insolently told me I was unfair and always picking on him. I pointed out that I wouldn’t need to if his behaviour wasn’t so hideously dreadful! He stood pouting in his childish manner whilst it was decided that he must take a spanking over Miss Baileys knee. I must admit, I did enjoy seeing the silly man with his trousers pulled to his knees taking an almighty spanking! He proceeded to get himself into further trouble with his foolish tongue and Miss Bailey handed me the cat o nine tails and suggested it would be appropriate for me to punish him for his rudeness. Never one to disappoint one in authority, especially if it means dishing out a good hard punishment, I ordered young Pecker (he is 59) to bend over with his hands on his head. Then I swiftly served him 20 lashes on the backside with my implement. He complained through.This earned him an extra ten lashes from yours truly!

Silly Percy just could not seem to keep his tongue to himself today and probably end up with about 150 lashes including hand spankings, as well as humiliating punishments such as standing in the corner with his hands on his head and his trousers round his ankles. By this point his bottom was as red as a Baboons backside and I was secretly pleased as I attempted to conceal my mirth!
After a great deal of discipline, finally young pecker relented and delivered a heartfelt apology. I graciously excepted and Miss Bailey and I agreed that he had taken his punishment well and that he was permitted to go home.

It’s not easy being so mean…oh hang on…yes it is…it really is! :) I can’t wait until next time when I trip up one of my subs and get to snitch on them again. Spanky spanky spank time! I will be watching you!

Sissy Party at The Sluttery

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Princess Kaz & Queen Of Sin Cordially invite you to attend the Sissy Party of 2015 at:


8PM-11PM 15TH OCT 2015

Drinks, nibbles, feminisation & fun. Sub games and optional Strap_on Play


07572 273 296

to book

Due to popular demand, Queen of Sin and I have organised a Sissy party for all our favourite Sissy’s, slaves and of course newcomers to the scene are very welcome too!

The evening will kick off with a meet and greet where subs, sissies and Mistresse will have chance to mingle, sip some liquid refreshments and wine and snack on nibbles. Once we are all acquainted and feeling comfortable the fun may commence! We will begin with some feminisation and cross dressing. Mistress Sin and myself will provide a few bits and pieces as well as make up, but Sissies are encouraged to bring a few favourite items of clothing and shoes with them to experiment with. We will play around with a few different looks, sexy, glam, pretty and cute to suit each personality! Sissies will then be encouraged to take part in a mini fashion show and there will be an opportunity for discrete photo’s – only for those who are happy to have this service.

Sissy Slut Training

Sissy Slut Training

After the fashion show this is where the fun REALLY begins! Sissies will be encouraged to please their Mistresses and take part in kinky sissy games! Some pointers and training will take place and those wishing to take part in strap_on play can do so or can simply take a little break if preferred.
There will be rewards for the best sissies – including best costumes, best effort and best participation!
Afterwards will be opportunity to enjoy some more nibbles and refreshments and then finally change into their regular attire.

The evening should be a good opportunity for both newcomers and novices to relax in discrete, luxury surroundings, and to experiment in the company of like minded non judgemental people.

Entrance fee is £150 for 3 hours. Book now to reserve your place. A small booking fee can be taken to guarantee your place and avoid disappointment as there are limited spaces available.


07572 273 296

to book!

Strict but Sensual Domme Duo Princess Kaz & Mistress Bailey

Friday, July 24th, 2015

A few shots of Mistress Bailey and I have a little ‘girl-time’ ;)

Mistress Watford

Mistress Watford

Watford Mistresses

Watford Mistresses