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Reading Mistress – My favourite Domination Props

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

These are some props I consider essential props in any Femdom Mistress kit – well at least my favourites anyway!

Paddles: After a good hand spanking a paddle made of good quality leather is a great way to discipline your Sub. A good paddle should last you a long time and deliver a nice a sharp sting to your slaves bottom.

Varying sized Buttplugs & Anal lube: If your Sub is a fan of anal play you will want to start small and warm him up to avoid injury. The bigger the buttplug the more lube you will want to use for ease.

Vibrating Strap-on: Strap-on play is very popular among my Subs, but I find when I use my vibrating Strap-on it sends them to Heaven! Those extra vibrations stimulate the prostrate and can result in an extremely happy ending!

Cock Rings: Can be used for sensual play or to make a punishment more severe. When placed around the testicles and penis the cock ring gathers the balls up tight making them more sensitive. Now image a sharp slap, a flick with your finger nail or a stroke with your flogger, the sensation will be heightened and you Sub will be putty in your hands!

Bondage Gear: The world is your oyster here. My favourite thing too use is good quality ropes tied with a hangman’s knot. Many online stores sell overpriced cuffs and restraints and these are nice to play with sometimes but it’s good to add in some bits from your local hardware store such as chains, clips and padlocks! Just don’t lose the key!

Your Mind: whilst physical play and pain play is fun, if you can get inside your Sub’s mind you will intensify the entire experience. What are his fears? His weak spots? Use your imagination to tease, install fear and leaving him guessing wat is coming next. Sexual arousal starts with the eyes and the brain so turn him on with your words and body language and make him feel vulnerable. Also look shit hot at all times and wear something that accentuates all your best bits and serves to make you look more powerful. High heels, stockings, thigh high boots, PVC/leather, collars, gloves and spikes will all add to the image you are projecting and showcase you as the twisted Femdom Mistress you love to be!

Ciao for now – your Reading Mistress – Princess Kaz! X

Femdom Mistress Domination Kit

Femdom Mistress

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No room for Censorship, Elitism & Prejudice In Today’s World!

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

What would the pro Sex Workers lobby have to say about elitist attitudes & derogatory views towards Sex Workers?

Here is a recent quote to a friend of mine from a supposed ‘Mistress Directory’ on Twitter “We only hire Top Dommes, The Elite…Not Escorts with Whips! No Thanks!” The same ‘directory’, a supposed professional business publically called a friend of mine a ‘Slutty Dumme’ (whatever a dumme is..I don’t think it’s in the Oxford dictionary as far as I know!) and posted a picture of a woman lying in garbage. Quite juvenile behaviour from a group of so called ‘Elitists’ who are claiming to run a reputable business. This is not about who called who what. It’s personal and the comments go beyond name calling and become highly derogatory to certain groups of Sex Workers. Such beliefs and negative attitudes undo all the good work that the Pro Sex Workers lobby has done over the years, and work to repress and limit us.

This is an old fashioned viewpoint which pigeon-holes and divides Sex Workers.How can one claim that one type of Sex Worker Is better or worse? Or have more or less rights depending on what services they do or do not offer? To label and separate Sex Workers and to use negative bias to attempt to build an ‘Elite’ foundation built on prejudice and stereotype should not be acceptable in modern society. Once we allow stereotypes and class snobbery, it opens the doors for prejudice against all types including race/gender/biological gender/ sexual orientation etc.

We are all human beings and all doing our jobs for similar reasons. We all have similar struggles, we bleed the same and wants the same things in life. We should stand strong and support one another regardless of the small details such as services offered/ethnicity/sexual orientation and so on. Some of these labels I mentioned are biological, others are choice. But we should be free to express our choices as consenting adults without judgement. We will not stand for ‘slut shaming’ or any other attempts to condemn the way people express themselves or earn their money as long as it is legal and consensual.

I support those who are free of negative constraints and free of out dated ideologies. This is 2015. Get with the picture because there is no room in society for hate and division. We are one. Let us unite.

Kaz B xxx

Sex Workers Rights

What happens in a Femdom session?

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

What happens in a Femdom session?

A few snippets from some of my Watford femdom sessions….

My Subs and Slaves all come to me for different reasons, but they have one thing in common. They all wish to be dominated and to be submissive to a powerful female. They may have varying pain thresholds and different kinks, but they all wish to submit to their Mistress, to have their power taken away and be told what to do to please their Princess.

I session from an apartment in Watford and my sessions vary depending on whom is visiting me. One day I may have a Sissy Slut that wishes to be forced into dressing like a female in sexy stockings and lingerie. He may wish to parade around and be encouraged to ‘act slutty’ or he may wish to be told to suck my big black strap-on!
The next day I may have a ‘pain slut’ who wishes to to have vicious clamps on his nipples, have his balls tied and teased with deep heat or stinging nettles. Some of my subs are into very mild domination and tie and tease bondage sessions where others simply beg to have their balls hurt with my high heels. No two subs are ever the same and there is probably a fetish for absolutely everything from adult men wearing diapers through to Marigold gloves and doing housework – I kid you not!
The essence of this is to get into a slaves mind and find out what makes him tick. You might think that a slave into ballbusting just wants to be kicked hard in his man parts…but it is a little more complex than that…he wants the anticipation, the build up, the not knowing what is coming next! He wants his mind toyed with, to be teased. Some softly spoken words and a smile, followed by a harsh punishment, or some cruel words and a soft pretend kick so he can never know quite what you will do next! Play with his mind, keep him on his toes and slave will be putty in your hands!

I would love to get some comments back from subs and hear your comments on this topic. Have a great week everyone!
Princess Kaz of Hertfordshire.

Domme Session Watford

Domme Session Watford

Femdom Sessions Watford

Femdom Sessions Watford

Sensory Deprivation

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

What is Sensory Deprivation?

Sensory deprivation is literally to deprive the senses of sight, sound and movement for example.

The reason for this?

When some of the senses are deprived, other sensations in the body are heightened such as feeling. An example of this would be to restrain a submissive to restrict his movement, to blindfold him…or perhaps use a leather hood, so not only his vision is obscured or removed but also his hearing is muffled. Unable to see, move or hear very much, his sense of touch/feeling is heightened. Plus he or she is unable to know what is coming next, whether it is a teasing caress, trailing the nail down the body, or a sharp paddle to the rump! The uncertainty of what will happen next leads to great anticipation, and when your hand, lips or implement connects with your subject he will feel it far more enhanced than if he were not bound and blindfolded. It’s a great way to experiment and play with different textures, movements and strikes.
Assuming s/he has been a good girl or boy, you can even feed him/her sips of champagne and a taste of berries or chocolate as a treat. Switching between pain and pleasure with him not knowing what is coming next increasing every single thing you inflict upon him, whether it be painful or pleasurable!

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation

If you visit a dungeon you will often find various furniture dedicated to this topic. Items such as a St Andrews cross for tethering your sub to, or often small specially adapted rooms and cages, built to restrain or restrict movement. You will find all manner of hoods and masks, tieing instruments and even benches with a series of restraints, belts and buckles to hold your sub in place. Of course this hardcore BDSM for those who enjoy a mild experience and you and your sub may not be into the heavy stuff! You can easily replicate a more milder version of this at home with a blindfold, latex or leather hoods, ropes and chains and clips from your local B&Q…you can even use clingfilm to restrain your sub! Simply wrap it round his arms and legs multiple times till he is unable to move! Avoid the face however, suffocation could be a rather unwanted risk! Unless you have a Russian Waste Disposal company at your beck and call and you are totally free from any morals or ethics – I would advise on playing it safe! ;)
You could even tie several belts around your clingfilmed sub to make them feel really restrained…then if you are feeling particularly cruel….turn the lights off and leave them on their own for a while! They will probably find this very relaxing, slighting frustrating but also quite thrilling wondering when you are coming back for them! It serves to give naughty subs plenty of thinking time too! If you want to tease them further, before you depart the room, you can pop a little vibrator somewhere within their nether regions to keep them ultra stimulated and make sure they don’t fall asleep on you!

Experiment, have fun, and enjoy!

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Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation

Sexy School Prefect Snitches again!

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

I do love a bit of role play…in fact I specialise in this subject and just love to slip into my various alter ego’s to be the meanest character I can possibly dream up!

When I work alongside Mistress Bailey she fits perfectly into the role of Head Mistress with her stern expression, steely eyes and cold commanding voice! She makes the subs tremble at her feet. So it seemed only fitting to compliment her strict school marm demeanor, with a more bratty character who serves as a provocation to Miss Bailey, and whom encourages her to dish out sterner punishments to the sub in question! So I developed Miss Amelia, a rather smug, so called goody-two-shoes who is both hypocritical and a total snitch! On the plus side she can be quite provocative and teasing, but she does love to slyly giggle as she gets the other pupils an extra 20 hard lashes!

Recently the fabulous Head Mistress – Paige Bailey and I (playing Miss Amelia) met with a sub whom I shall call Percy Pecker. Patrolling the corridors at lunch time, I spy my with utter delight Mr Pecker, not only slouched in a slovenly manner making the hall way look particularly untidy with his shambles of a presence…but with his shirt un-ironed his tie skewiff…and SMOKING A CIGARETTE on school premises! Well it is a Prefects job to correct this outrageous behaviour so immediately I pulled him into Miss Bailey’s office by the ear, telling him what an awful amount of trouble he was in. He complained the whole way and was very rude to Miss Bailey, which only served to exacerbate his predicament! When will that foolish boy learn!
Miss Bailey was appalled and quiet rightly so! Pecker very insolently told me I was unfair and always picking on him. I pointed out that I wouldn’t need to if his behaviour wasn’t so hideously dreadful! He stood pouting in his childish manner whilst it was decided that he must take a spanking over Miss Baileys knee. I must admit, I did enjoy seeing the silly man with his trousers pulled to his knees taking an almighty spanking! He proceeded to get himself into further trouble with his foolish tongue and Miss Bailey handed me the cat o nine tails and suggested it would be appropriate for me to punish him for his rudeness. Never one to disappoint one in authority, especially if it means dishing out a good hard punishment, I ordered young Pecker (he is 59) to bend over with his hands on his head. Then I swiftly served him 20 lashes on the backside with my implement. He complained through.This earned him an extra ten lashes from yours truly!

Silly Percy just could not seem to keep his tongue to himself today and probably end up with about 150 lashes including hand spankings, as well as humiliating punishments such as standing in the corner with his hands on his head and his trousers round his ankles. By this point his bottom was as red as a Baboons backside and I was secretly pleased as I attempted to conceal my mirth!
After a great deal of discipline, finally young pecker relented and delivered a heartfelt apology. I graciously excepted and Miss Bailey and I agreed that he had taken his punishment well and that he was permitted to go home.

It’s not easy being so mean…oh hang on…yes it is…it really is! :) I can’t wait until next time when I trip up one of my subs and get to snitch on them again. Spanky spanky spank time! I will be watching you!

Candid Tales From My Femdom Tours

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Mistress Bailey and I had a whale of a time touring these last two days, correcting subs and rectifying their delinquent behaviour! We have all manner of subs through the door, although of course we are quite fussy and only select the most courteous subs into our domain. Not to say though that they aren’t kinky little devils! Some subs are into general domination and simply being ordered around, but others might have a fetish or quirk they enjoy dabbling in behind closed doors! Whilst us dommes are all very discrete and never mention names, the session details themselves are far too thrilling and astounding to keep just to ourselves! So I will share with you a few little snippets and dish the dirt…..keeping our subs anonymity of course!

One sub that visited us,was a very ordinary looking chap that you would never suspect of anything out of the ordinary from. Except his secret is that he just loves to be fisted! It was time to don the latex gloves. Neither of us Mistresses have done a huge amount of fisting but nonetheless, we didn’t quite quite believe his grand claims of his capabilities. Often subs will claim they are capable of many things but in reality they cower and whimper and are unable to follow through. Well this one – lets call him Rolo – surpassed all our expectations! He was able to easily take a latex encased fist….and then upped the ante to take a double fisting!

He then wanted to take things up a he pulled a bag of stinging nettles out and well….can you guess where he wanted them? He begged for me to slide a speculum into his bottom, which slipped in with ease and then I adjusted the wheel to make sure he was well and truly opened up. This was met with cries of ‘Please Mistress, PLEASE put stinging nettles into my bottom!’ Well it seemed rude to deny him this grand privilege, so we both took one for the team, and with careful fingers began to insert the vicious looking leaves into his magic tunnel. As we fed them in, he writhed and moaned and cried ‘Yes….yes….YES!’ I have never seen this before and was quite stunned, but my alter ego Princess Kaz took over and I gleefully fed his little hoop with even more leaves as he groaned in delight.

Sore Botty

It was quiet evident that he was enjoying himself immensely as without warning, Rolo suddenly twitched his trouser snake and made the biggest, stickiest mess all over his stomach! You might think this fetish a little strange, but he left wearing the biggest smile and seemed quite delighted! Another happy sub trotted off on his merry little way! I will blog soon about the School Prefect role play we did with another client and a CBT session we did! Stay tuned for all my most scandalous femdom stories of life as Princess Kaz! Your Watford Mistress and twisted dominatrix! ;)

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