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Final #Swindon Tour for 2015

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

I am now making last minute preparations for my final Swindon tour for 2015. The Swindon tours with Mistress Bailey have been an incredibly amount of fun, but my other projects need to take precedence afterwards until next year.

It’s been a busy few months and I am often in the office at Premier London¬†helping on the creative side. With that, planning Sexpo, the film script I am writing, planning my and Mistress Sin’s upcoming sissy party and juggling my local subs…I barely have time to take a wee wee without the phone interrupting me stream of….errr conscience!

With it being the last tour this year for Swindon, Mistress Bailey and I want to make sure it will go out with a bang! It will e our finest costumes, our most devilish behaviour, plenty of props, electrics, ropes and scenarios – and maybe a little fizzy wine as a celebration of a successful year!

We are looking forward to seeing some of our regulars – such as stinging nettle guy, ball crushing guy and Slut Malcolm who loves to prance around in pink fishnets and a tutu whilst we tease him mercilessly!! We always take delight in finding new ways to make our subs wince…although we do stand by with a nice clean handkerchief to mop up any escaped tears – aren’t we good to our sluts?!

We are looking forward to seeing some new faces over the next couple of days too and we have a few limited spaces left. To book simply TEXT or call

07572 273 296

with the day you want, preferred time, and the type of domination you enjoy.

As I said this will be the last time Mistress Bailey and I get together in Swindon now this year, so if you don’t want to miss out make sure you get in touch today to avoid disappointment!

I will still be doing femdom sessions in Berkshire upon my return, so no need for my regular Watford subs to panic – Your Mistress – Princess Kaz will be sessioning in Reading later this week.

Anyway my little Swindon slut cherubs, I will miss you – be good and don’t forget me! ;) You never know when I might just turn up again like a tiny ninja waiting with my arsenal of dom weaponry! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Watford Mistress Princess Kaz

Watford Mistress Princess Kaz

Mistress Paige Bailey

Mistress Paige Bailey

Sensual Domme Duo

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Mistress Sin the ultimate Queen of Sin is in town and will be available for femdom duo’s with myself Princess Kaz from 5th October 2015

Mistress Sin also known as the Original Goth Barbie, is a sensual queen of femdom and loves long languishing strokes and tease. She will torment and thrill you and heighten all your senses. Between us we have our slaves completely enraptured and on their knees as we command them and have them obey our every word.

Being a domme isn’t all about yelling at the top of her voice! Princesses shouldn’t have to raise their voices and risk harming their delicate throats. A firm command, with a twinkle in the eye and a swift crop to the buttocks should be all that is needed. Perhaps a condescending remark or a humiliating punishment to put an unruly sub in his place!

We expect obedience at all times, and of course well mannered and obedient subs are always rewarded well for their efforts. It is simply not in their best interests to misbehave. Should a sub make even a minor misdemeanor then they are accordingly punished, appropriately and without a second thought. A few well places stinging lashes, being sent to the naughty corner with their hands on their head, or being dressed in a pair of frilly pants to parade before their Mistresses. Punishments are always personalised and appropriate to the sub in question.

Of course bribery gets our subs everywhere and we never say no to beautiful gifts..a sexy pair of seamed stockings, a nice cold bottle of veuve clicquot, or even a classy set of enticing underwear. We are always prepared to assist subs on shopping trips for us if they are stuck for ideas on how to spoil their two favourite Princesses!

We accept both novices, newcomers and experienced subs. You can book us both for one to one sessions or a duo if you have the stamina!
Simply Call

07572 273 296

to book your femdom appointment with one or both of us Reading Mistresses! Berkshire has never been so kinky!

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Sissy Party at The Sluttery

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Princess Kaz & Queen Of Sin Cordially invite you to attend the Sissy Party of 2015 at:


8PM-11PM 15TH OCT 2015

Drinks, nibbles, feminisation & fun. Sub games and optional Strap_on Play


07572 273 296

to book

Due to popular demand, Queen of Sin and I have organised a Sissy party for all our favourite Sissy’s, slaves and of course newcomers to the scene are very welcome too!

The evening will kick off with a meet and greet where subs, sissies and Mistresse will have chance to mingle, sip some liquid refreshments and wine and snack on nibbles. Once we are all acquainted and feeling comfortable the fun may commence! We will begin with some feminisation and cross dressing. Mistress Sin and myself will provide a few bits and pieces as well as make up, but Sissies are encouraged to bring a few favourite items of clothing and shoes with them to experiment with. We will play around with a few different looks, sexy, glam, pretty and cute to suit each personality! Sissies will then be encouraged to take part in a mini fashion show and there will be an opportunity for discrete photo’s – only for those who are happy to have this service.

Sissy Slut Training

Sissy Slut Training

After the fashion show this is where the fun REALLY begins! Sissies will be encouraged to please their Mistresses and take part in kinky sissy games! Some pointers and training will take place and those wishing to take part in strap_on play can do so or can simply take a little break if preferred.
There will be rewards for the best sissies – including best costumes, best effort and best participation!
Afterwards will be opportunity to enjoy some more nibbles and refreshments and then finally change into their regular attire.

The evening should be a good opportunity for both newcomers and novices to relax in discrete, luxury surroundings, and to experiment in the company of like minded non judgemental people.

Entrance fee is £150 for 3 hours. Book now to reserve your place. A small booking fee can be taken to guarantee your place and avoid disappointment as there are limited spaces available.


07572 273 296

to book!

What is Femdom?

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Femdom is the term used to describe the dominant role the female takes in a bdsm style relationship.

It often refers to the relationship between a dominatrix or mistress and her slave or submissive male. Or in dominant female-submissive partner relationship or sex game.

There are many aspect of femdom ranging from role play and ‘tie and tease’ through to more extreme bdsm activities such as ‘trampling’, ‘corporal punishment’ such as spanking or caning, and humilation.

Submissives may be aroused by the psychological aspects of play and enjoy a dominant partner controlling them, or even simply taking away the responsibility from them. Or perhaps they might have masochistic tendencies and enjoy pain play. Of course the two often overlap. In my personal opinion a good dom will be able to read their subject and administer a mind blowing blend of pain and pleasure. From my experiences most slaves respond well to being kept on their toes and not knowing what is coming next. Femdom doesn’t always have to be about extreme pain and torrents of fury and verbal abuse….sometimes a little threat whispered sweetly, or a gentle flogging… warming up to a good hard spanking will have your slave declaring their undying love….or at least buying you a fabulous pair of new shoes!

If this concept is entirely new to you – discuss levels and boundaries first and always have a safe word. Also it might sound obvious, but never leave a slave tied up or gagged and unsupervised, or with no way to escape should a disaster happen!

I would also insist on finding out about your Slaves state of health before entering into any extreme play, so that you are aware of any medications they need or if there are any ‘No-go’ areas. Not only will this clear up any concerns, but your slave learn to place his trust in you, and you’ll avoid the session going horribly wrong!

I could simply write pages upon pages on this topic, so if this has left you wanting to learn more about this fetish then read through some of my other blogs on the site. If you are eager to try your hand at this but can’t find a play partner, simply drop me an e-mail and enquire about how to book a femdom session, webcam session or phone chat with me.

You can also view my Femdom Mistress Profile here:

A day in the life of Princess Kaz

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Life is never dull as a Mistress. Whether I am browsing for shiny new implements of pain and pleasure or testing them on a willing victim, every single day is different that is for sure. I have a lot of requests from people new to domination, asking to be tied, tease and reprimanded somewhat and I always take great delight in teasing them wonderfully and throwing a few challenges into the mix to keep them on their toes.

Sexy Corset

What I am going to tell you next will ultimately surprise you and perhaps shock you a little also…my most requested service is…wait for it…Strap-On Training! But wait, that’s not the shocking part, the shocking part is what I am about to reveal to you….I would say at least 65% of men (if not higher) either desire or are prepared to have something inserted into their bottoms! ‘Am I gay they cry?’ I say ‘Do you fancy men?’ then I say ‘Then of course it is not gay. It is only gay if you have a willy in your bottom…not a piece of plastic!’ This tends to reassure them that they are not a raging homosexual. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but of course some of them are married with families. It is not my place to judge and if it keeps the marriage going then who am I to argue!

Strap-on Mistress

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I have found myself domming alongside Mistress Sin and Mistress Bailey and humiliating a sub on webcam, myself also playing camera lady between sardonic remarks and loving lashes! I have had a Slave book me for an hour…beg to just kiss my feet…and then without any encouragement make an explosion in his pants and leave 15 minutes into the session!

Foot Worship Watford

Probably one of the most interesting was an older gentleman who is what some lifestyle subs might call a ‘pain slut’. He loved to tie his man bits up nice and tight and then dangle a big mallet from them so it acted as a weight. Then 4 crocodile clips were applied to his dinky and he wished to be slapped – yes down there! He seems to have an incredible threshold for pain – he is quite a veteran! I have even had an elderly gentleman hobble in on walking sticks and ask for a spanking! We had to keep stopping to make sure he was comfortable though as he suffers with a few back problems!
Whilst I am a domme, I don’t let this interfere with my human side if I feel that someone needs a little extra TLC or have a disability or infirmity. Also I tend to chat a great deal to my subs and often they will confide in me as they know I am discrete and can be trusted. It’s all part of the job. I even have a member of a political party come to see me…but I’m afraid for obvious reasons I cannot reveal which one! Wouldn’t you like to know! I am a proud Scorpion and Scorpio’s take their secrets to their graves with them.

I am available for bookings in Watford most days and also will be touring Swindon on 30th September and 1st october with Mistress Bailey. The fastest way to book an appointment is to drop me a text on:

07572 273 296

with your preferred times and preferred style of domination or to drop me an e-mail through the site.

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