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Inside the mind of Mistress Bailey (Tour with Princess Kaz Bank Holiday Weekend)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Hello There #Guys #Subs #Slaves #Sluts #Sissies from your strict and merciless Mistress – Paige Bailey!

The bank holiday is looming and Mistress Paige and Mistress Kaz are teaming up again for more of our delightful, divine and erotic sessions in #Watford for two days.

We are certainly looking forward to getting our hands on some naughty well as each other (how very naughty) ! Perhaps we might enjoy each other a little on the webcam between sessions to keep us all warmed up and raring to go! Oh you lucky boys!

We are looking at getting our hands on new slaves, and turning them to the dark side. So they become fetish converts. Well it wouldn’t be the first time and certainly not the last!

We love nothing more then seeing a horny man desperate for us, but giving him that denial and then teasing him with wonderful toys, fingering his tight arse with latex clad fingers and warming him up for our lovely strap ons. Why not a spit-roast or two whilst we are at it as well! Image us as the sandwich and you as the delicious filling – nicely stuffed!

It is certainly domination with a difference for newbies
But we also love spanking and role play, and we enjoy our roles are formidable Miss Bailey and the bitchy prefect Miss Amelia, (Princess Kaz B) who has not problem dobbing you into Miss Bailey to deal with. She loves to play the precocious brat and terrorise you with her brattish ways!

So two hot blondes offering domination with a sexy difference! You would be very silly to miss out on the truly terrific experience which includes all kinds of role play, toys, props, mind games, spanking and every scenario you could ever dream of!

Book Now to reserve your place – The fastest way to book is to text Mistress Kaz on

07572 273 296

This guarantees the fastest response and booking!

We look forward to meeting you!

Mistress Sin has joined my Harem of Divine Dommes In Watford

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Visit my blog site for the latest news on Mistress Sin joining the ranks of Watford Mistresses and join me for duo’s and trios with Mistress Bailey. More exciting updates and tours here:

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes

Watford Dommes

Update From Mistress Bailey

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Domination Madness

Myself and Mistress Kaz have been on a whirlwind adventure to Swindon and saw some of our lovely regular subs
Who are always pleased to see us.
But some very exciting news *we are coming soon to London* for sessions which we are extremely looking forward to.
Taking on some new slaves would be such a treat for us !
Getting down to business and having our slave enter the room order him to strip down to his underwear as we sit crossed legs dressed and eyes full of disapproval,
Over the lap he goes and our hands give a hard lashing on the bottom,
Getting redder and more sore slave becoming a bottom fidgeter,
He is ordered to stand in corner,
Like the sound of what could be your session with us
Find out about the delights of domination with Mistress Paige and Mistress Kaz.
We look forward to punishing you soon !!!!!!!!!!!
#Watford #London #Swindon

Now Slaves, I order you to follow us both on twitter so you can keep updated with our crazy world of female domination. But I warn you, no getting carried away over our naughty pictures and enjoying yourselves too much…with out prior express permission of course! Can’t wait for your real time? Then ask us nicely and we will consider you to have your own, personal, live webcam show with us! Imagine that! Two stern but sensual and very sexy Mistresses, having you be our little slut and doing whatever we ask of you. We are never short of inspiration and ways of making you more submissive and more kinky! Drop us an e-mail, dm or look us up on adultwork to book a double webcam show with us and get a taster of what you have to look forward to! We will see you very soon, in the meantime, be good!

Yours – Mistress Bailey! Your captivating Mistress!

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Sexy Stern Mistress

Sexy Stern Mistress

The Blonde Bombshell’s Get Set For London

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Over the last 4 months myself & Mistress Bailey enlisted on an epic mission to make Watford & Swindon more kinky!

Under the guise of our Twisted Mistresses Persona, we have endeavoured to seek out every Kinkster, Slave and Deviant in need of some firm discipline….with of course some kinky games along the way.

I really thought Swindon was a tame little village-esque town, yet it appears many of the residents of Swindon love nothing better than to indulge in the arts of female domination…right under our watchful eyes and killer stilettos!

So far we have had Slaves simply beg us to spank their bottoms till they are raw, cane them, humiliate them, use our electro stim kit on them and EVEN stuff fresh stinging nettles down their pants and leave them in there for an hour!

Of course Femdom is not just about pain, it is of course about power exchange. The Submissive longs to feel like his power has been taken, he has no decisions to make, no worries…apart from a sore bottom! So whilst we consider ourselves entertainers, Instructors even, who organise complex games in psychology…we do find the Swindon residents are a bit partial to a bit of pain! And who are we to refuse it! ;)

So we are ready for our new challenge – we have covered swindon, Watford and Birmingham and now it’s time to return for a tour to a place that I will always consider my true home – the vibrant, fast paced City Of London!

Will we find new Kinksters and Slaves on our Quest? Will we convert more new subs to the Femdom Cult? And will we have an army of Submissive minions kneeling at our feet, ready to be trained up for their future wives? All will be revealed soon!

In the meantime we look forward to all the possibilities, the adventure and the journey along the way!

Watch this space!

Love and Lashes
Princess Kaz!

Mistresses Tour Swindon

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

The Devastatingly Deviant & Delicious Mistress Bailey and I will be on tour in Swindon Monday 3rd August and Tuesday the 4th for Solo’s, Duo’s and lots of domination!

Spanking, Electrics, Lesbian shows, Strap_on and lots lots more!

Come and see this devilish duo for some exceedingly filthy fun!

More news coming soon so watch this space!

Mistresses Tour Swindon

Mistresses Tour Swindon