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Letters from a slave – some of the more bizarre requests I get!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

You could say that my attitude towards bdsm and fetish is extremely liberal. However even us hardcore doms have our limits!

Here is a selection of amusing and downright scary e-mails from subs and fetishist. One thing I am is a very discreet dom so I will never share names or personal details, however I will share with you excerpts from e-mails that I found amusing….or worrying!

Dear Mistress,

I hope you are well, I am into the dolcett fantasy where one person is a cannibal chef the other is the meat, I have read the cartoon stories and looekd at photo shoots of this scenario and I would really like to be someones dinner , I like the thought of being seduced by a woman tied up oiled seasoned and before I realise it I am being roasted on a spit like a suckling pig with an apple in my mouth, is this something you would like to do and do you fancy roasted man for dinner ?


Hmmm I may enjoy eating cock in my personal life but roasted man is going just a TOUCH too far!

Warning – you may not wish to read the following if you are eating your dinner right now!

I am 22 years old , male FULL TOILET SLAVE with over 2 years experience and as proper toilet i agree to be totally used , humiliate , degrade , abused and treated with no limits – even is full ( real ) TOILET. Are You interested to use me , make me suffer , humiliate me,degrade me, abuse me , treat me in every way You see fit as proper slut , slave? Do You have female friends who would be interested to use me as proper toilet with no limits?

I cannot possibly imagine what compelled this young sub to send such a vile e-mail to me. I can only assume that he is possibly, completely and utterly bat shit insane….with bells on!


I shall be adding further collations from my inbox very soon so be sure to bookmark