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Words of gratitude from one of my loyal subs….

Monday, August 9th, 2010

She makes me weak, by her looks alone
A Princess worthy to sit on a throne
Her perfect face that makes me sigh
And those divine legs which make me cry

She fills me with love, longing and lust
Then reminds me that i’m not good enough
To break my heart she will always mock
My pathetic little excuse for a cock.

Teasingly wearing her leather and lace
I’d savour her spit as it ran down my face
She could do anything, break me in pain
Or laugh as I drink her golden rain

I’m too pathetic to make a pass
So I’ll settle for life under her perfect ass.
To be by her side i must be brave
To her I’m nothing more than a slave.

Hope you like it.
From your loving limpdick x