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Candid Tales From My Femdom Tours

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Mistress Bailey and I had a whale of a time touring these last two days, correcting subs and rectifying their delinquent behaviour! We have all manner of subs through the door, although of course we are quite fussy and only select the most courteous subs into our domain. Not to say though that they aren’t kinky little devils! Some subs are into general domination and simply being ordered around, but others might have a fetish or quirk they enjoy dabbling in behind closed doors! Whilst us dommes are all very discrete and never mention names, the session details themselves are far too thrilling and astounding to keep just to ourselves! So I will share with you a few little snippets and dish the dirt…..keeping our subs anonymity of course!

One sub that visited us,was a very ordinary looking chap that you would never suspect of anything out of the ordinary from. Except his secret is that he just loves to be fisted! It was time to don the latex gloves. Neither of us Mistresses have done a huge amount of fisting but nonetheless, we didn’t quite quite believe his grand claims of his capabilities. Often subs will claim they are capable of many things but in reality they cower and whimper and are unable to follow through. Well this one – lets call him Rolo – surpassed all our expectations! He was able to easily take a latex encased fist….and then upped the ante to take a double fisting!

He then wanted to take things up a he pulled a bag of stinging nettles out and well….can you guess where he wanted them? He begged for me to slide a speculum into his bottom, which slipped in with ease and then I adjusted the wheel to make sure he was well and truly opened up. This was met with cries of ‘Please Mistress, PLEASE put stinging nettles into my bottom!’ Well it seemed rude to deny him this grand privilege, so we both took one for the team, and with careful fingers began to insert the vicious looking leaves into his magic tunnel. As we fed them in, he writhed and moaned and cried ‘Yes….yes….YES!’ I have never seen this before and was quite stunned, but my alter ego Princess Kaz took over and I gleefully fed his little hoop with even more leaves as he groaned in delight.

Sore Botty

It was quiet evident that he was enjoying himself immensely as without warning, Rolo suddenly twitched his trouser snake and made the biggest, stickiest mess all over his stomach! You might think this fetish a little strange, but he left wearing the biggest smile and seemed quite delighted! Another happy sub trotted off on his merry little way! I will blog soon about the School Prefect role play we did with another client and a CBT session we did! Stay tuned for all my most scandalous femdom stories of life as Princess Kaz! Your Watford Mistress and twisted dominatrix! ;)

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Sensual Domme Duo

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Mistress Sin the ultimate Queen of Sin is in town and will be available for femdom duo’s with myself Princess Kaz from 5th October 2015

Mistress Sin also known as the Original Goth Barbie, is a sensual queen of femdom and loves long languishing strokes and tease. She will torment and thrill you and heighten all your senses. Between us we have our slaves completely enraptured and on their knees as we command them and have them obey our every word.

Being a domme isn’t all about yelling at the top of her voice! Princesses shouldn’t have to raise their voices and risk harming their delicate throats. A firm command, with a twinkle in the eye and a swift crop to the buttocks should be all that is needed. Perhaps a condescending remark or a humiliating punishment to put an unruly sub in his place!

We expect obedience at all times, and of course well mannered and obedient subs are always rewarded well for their efforts. It is simply not in their best interests to misbehave. Should a sub make even a minor misdemeanor then they are accordingly punished, appropriately and without a second thought. A few well places stinging lashes, being sent to the naughty corner with their hands on their head, or being dressed in a pair of frilly pants to parade before their Mistresses. Punishments are always personalised and appropriate to the sub in question.

Of course bribery gets our subs everywhere and we never say no to beautiful gifts..a sexy pair of seamed stockings, a nice cold bottle of veuve clicquot, or even a classy set of enticing underwear. We are always prepared to assist subs on shopping trips for us if they are stuck for ideas on how to spoil their two favourite Princesses!

We accept both novices, newcomers and experienced subs. You can book us both for one to one sessions or a duo if you have the stamina!
Simply Call

07572 273 296

to book your femdom appointment with one or both of us Reading Mistresses! Berkshire has never been so kinky!

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Strict but Sensual Domme Duo Princess Kaz & Mistress Bailey

Friday, July 24th, 2015

A few shots of Mistress Bailey and I have a little ‘girl-time’ ;)

Mistress Watford

Mistress Watford

Watford Mistresses

Watford Mistresses

London Tour

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I am Touring in Kings Cross/Farringdon today 5th July and available by myself or with my hot sexy friend Paige Fox. We will be available in the Hyde Park area Thursday and Friday so call now to book your place.

Letters from a slave – some of the more bizarre requests I get!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

You could say that my attitude towards bdsm and fetish is extremely liberal. However even us hardcore doms have our limits!

Here is a selection of amusing and downright scary e-mails from subs and fetishist. One thing I am is a very discreet dom so I will never share names or personal details, however I will share with you excerpts from e-mails that I found amusing….or worrying!

Dear Mistress,

I hope you are well, I am into the dolcett fantasy where one person is a cannibal chef the other is the meat, I have read the cartoon stories and looekd at photo shoots of this scenario and I would really like to be someones dinner , I like the thought of being seduced by a woman tied up oiled seasoned and before I realise it I am being roasted on a spit like a suckling pig with an apple in my mouth, is this something you would like to do and do you fancy roasted man for dinner ?


Hmmm I may enjoy eating cock in my personal life but roasted man is going just a TOUCH too far!

Warning – you may not wish to read the following if you are eating your dinner right now!

I am 22 years old , male FULL TOILET SLAVE with over 2 years experience and as proper toilet i agree to be totally used , humiliate , degrade , abused and treated with no limits – even is full ( real ) TOILET. Are You interested to use me , make me suffer , humiliate me,degrade me, abuse me , treat me in every way You see fit as proper slut , slave? Do You have female friends who would be interested to use me as proper toilet with no limits?

I cannot possibly imagine what compelled this young sub to send such a vile e-mail to me. I can only assume that he is possibly, completely and utterly bat shit insane….with bells on!


I shall be adding further collations from my inbox very soon so be sure to bookmark

Words of gratitude from one of my loyal subs….

Monday, August 9th, 2010

She makes me weak, by her looks alone
A Princess worthy to sit on a throne
Her perfect face that makes me sigh
And those divine legs which make me cry

She fills me with love, longing and lust
Then reminds me that i’m not good enough
To break my heart she will always mock
My pathetic little excuse for a cock.

Teasingly wearing her leather and lace
I’d savour her spit as it ran down my face
She could do anything, break me in pain
Or laugh as I drink her golden rain

I’m too pathetic to make a pass
So I’ll settle for life under her perfect ass.
To be by her side i must be brave
To her I’m nothing more than a slave.

Hope you like it.
From your loving limpdick x

Coming Soon Dark Desires in Middle England: Mistress Kaz & her sensual submissives exposed!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

This dvd is unlike any other which explores the themes of dominance and submission. Not only does it feature hot sub girls and a dastardly deviant Mistress (that would be me ;) ) but it also takes an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes and follows each character to find out their secrets, their darkest desires and what they really think being a dom or submssive means!

Also filled with plenty of hot action packed scenes – this should definitely be on your list if you are a fellow perve of deviant!

Available soon from, Amazon and HMV.

Love and Lashes
Princess Kaz!

Parky – a souless and venonous cockroach!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Michael Parkinsons recent vile and venomous comments on Jade Goody’s tragic death are sick and unhuman.

I can’t possibly imagine what her hubby Jack Tweedy and her poor family must be feeling in this time of grief and sorry, without having to endure Parkinson’s thoughtless tirade of hatred!

Whether a pathetic attempt to boost his ratings or the words of a heartless sociopath he is quoted as allegedly saying:

“‘When we clear the media smokescreen, what we’re left with is a woman who came to represent all that’s paltry and wretched about Britain today.
‘She was brought up on a sink estate, as a child came to know both drugs and crime, was barely educated, ignorant and puerile.’

So what if Jade was poorly educated and came from an unpriveledged background? Why should we blame her for societies downfalls and a media who would rather point and laugh than educate and inform people!

IN SPITE OF Jade’s very poor start in life and lack of education, she clearly had higher expectations, and at times was prepared to make herself a laughing stock in a quest to better herself!

In her final months of suffering when most people would surely want time to rest and be left in peace, the former Big Brother star went out of her way to raise awareness, which reportedly led to thousands of people contacting cancer research.

It’s also rumoured before Ms Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she was in fact helping many with low self esteem and illness improve their lives, including cancer victims by training in permanent make up to assist those who had experienced hair loss after chemotherapy.

Michael Parkinson must be a very lucky individual to come from such a priveledged background and ‘represent’ all that is high brow and politically correct. One certainly doesn’t expect such ignorant comments from one so cultured, or to target easy pickings!

Parkinson’s ‘puerile’ attack shows him as a bully with no compassion or regard for for humanity.

Let’s hope the backlash gives him something to think about!

I know if I had him in a room with ten minutes it certainly wouldn’t be restricted to tongue lashing! I’d happily shove one of my canes somewhere painful and see how well he responds to pain and suffering!

My thoughts are with the Goody/Tweedy family and friends.

R.I.P. Miss Tweedy and lets hope you can continue your work in a better place, knowing your boys will have the financial stability and love you never did.

Win a 4 hour dom session with me! (or photoshoot)

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Help me move house & win a session at my new place!

This one is for all those loyal subs who have been begging me to move back down south, nearer to London, so they can see me more easily…

Each ticket you buy will go towards helping me move house; in addition, I am running this as a raffle where one lucky thing among you will win 4 hours in my glourious presence! This may be taken as either one session or multiple shorter sessions, your choice.

Also, everyone who buys a ticket will recieve a signed photo of me – just drop me a note with your address details so I can send this.

The more tickets you buy, the better your chance of winning – and there are 4 different photos available too ;-)

This is where you can buy entry’s into the competition:

It’s free to sign up to adultwork and it also gives you access to my free public gallery with pages of naughty images!

What are you waiting for ;)