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No room for Censorship, Elitism & Prejudice In Today’s World!

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

What would the pro Sex Workers lobby have to say about elitist attitudes & derogatory views towards Sex Workers?

Here is a recent quote to a friend of mine from a supposed ‘Mistress Directory’ on Twitter “We only hire Top Dommes, The Elite…Not Escorts with Whips! No Thanks!” The same ‘directory’, a supposed professional business publically called a friend of mine a ‘Slutty Dumme’ (whatever a dumme is..I don’t think it’s in the Oxford dictionary as far as I know!) and posted a picture of a woman lying in garbage. Quite juvenile behaviour from a group of so called ‘Elitists’ who are claiming to run a reputable business. This is not about who called who what. It’s personal and the comments go beyond name calling and become highly derogatory to certain groups of Sex Workers. Such beliefs and negative attitudes undo all the good work that the Pro Sex Workers lobby has done over the years, and work to repress and limit us.

This is an old fashioned viewpoint which pigeon-holes and divides Sex Workers.How can one claim that one type of Sex Worker Is better or worse? Or have more or less rights depending on what services they do or do not offer? To label and separate Sex Workers and to use negative bias to attempt to build an ‘Elite’ foundation built on prejudice and stereotype should not be acceptable in modern society. Once we allow stereotypes and class snobbery, it opens the doors for prejudice against all types including race/gender/biological gender/ sexual orientation etc.

We are all human beings and all doing our jobs for similar reasons. We all have similar struggles, we bleed the same and wants the same things in life. We should stand strong and support one another regardless of the small details such as services offered/ethnicity/sexual orientation and so on. Some of these labels I mentioned are biological, others are choice. But we should be free to express our choices as consenting adults without judgement. We will not stand for ‘slut shaming’ or any other attempts to condemn the way people express themselves or earn their money as long as it is legal and consensual.

I support those who are free of negative constraints and free of out dated ideologies. This is 2015. Get with the picture because there is no room in society for hate and division. We are one. Let us unite.

Kaz B xxx

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