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My Latest Domme Session, with Mistress Kaz By Latex Trooper.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Below is an exceptionally well written and impressive piece of feedback, written by one of my loyal and trusted slaves Latex Trooper.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Latex Trooper’s feedback and highly erotic account of the session, as much as I did.


As per Mistress Kaz’s strict orders, the following mammoth, 15-page report is a write-up of a recent domme session that I had with my wonderful mistress. I believe it is mistress’s intent for this to be used for two purposes; 1) as a piece of written erotica for her site, and 2) as a report to give potential subs an idea of what it can be like to session with mistress Kaz.

Before you start reading the write-up, mistress has asked me to introduce myself to you all.

So, my name is Latex Trooper. This is not my real name of course, but my sub name. Only those closest to me know my real identity! You see, I am not a full-lifestyle sub, and have what you would call a normal life outside of being mistress’s sub on the side. Although I would gladly give it all up to become mistress’s full-time sub if she desired this!

A bit of background to give you an idea of what to expect from the next 15 pages; I have been one of mistress’s loyal subs for about two years. In this time I have had several sessions with mistress, starting at beginner level, with tie and tease, humiliation, and light pain-play, and working my way up, to an experienced BDSM level, featuring harder pain-play, and more extreme activities such as electrics and breath-play. From our past sessions I have discovered that the aspect of BDSM I am most interested in is pain-play, being what mistress refers to as a pain-slut. And I also love worship-play too, relishing the chance to worship mistress and her body whenever she lets me.

My most recent session with mistress was therefore geared towards pain-play (up to extreme level) and worship play. The humiliation-side of BDSM (feminisation etc) does not really interest me, and so this side of BDSM was not explored in the session (and is therefore not reported on here) although I should point out that mistress is equally at home with those sorts of activities for those that wish this. So please do not be put off by the fact that this write-up focuses on plain-play and worship play; whatever your deviant desires, mistress has it all covered! I would suggest for any potential subs, that if after reading this report if you are still in any doubt about having a session with mistress, that you refer to mistress’s site ‘The Sluttery’, as this contains lengthy details about all the varied domme services she provides.

Before you read any further, mistress has also asked me to make one point clear to any readers; although everything detailed in this write-up did occur, it needs to be made clear that not just any sub can expect all of what occurred in this write-up to happen. For I have been one of mistress’s subs for two years now, and so in that time a level of trust and respect has formed between mistress and slave. Mistress therefore offers me some privileges that she would not normally offer a brand new sub. So, please do not go into a session expecting everything that occurs in this write-up, as if you do so you will just be setting yourself up for disappointment. Plus this would also anger mistress!

So, if I haven’t scared you off already, then keep reading for the write-up, which starts below. I hope everyone enjoys…

My most recent session with mistress Kaz took place on a Saturday, from 11:00 am in the morning. This was to be a 3-hour session. I arrived promptly on time at mistress’s house. Mistress greeted me, and offered me a drink. I obliged, but of the non-alcoholic variety, as I wanted to keep my focus throughout the session. Mistress and I then chatted and caught up with what we had both been up to in the preceding few months; it had been about 5 months since I had last seen mistress, and so we both had a lot to talk about. Because this was the first time I had met mistress since before Christmas, I had also bought her a present, which I presented her with. I do not wish to reveal here what said present was, but suffice to say it was a present which mistress was very pleased with. So, a good start to the session, as I was in her good books. Believe me when I say from past experience that you do not want to start a session when in mistress’s bad books! Mistress showed her appreciation of the present by giving me a big hug, which caused me to blush, a response that amused mistress.

In addition to catching-up, and presenting mistress with her present, I also presented mistress with the desired tribute for the session, and we then proceeded to chat for a short while about what we both had in mind for the session. Mistress knows my likes and dislikes, and the fetishes I particularly enjoy from our past sessions, and she had a good recollection of my boundaries and pain threshold too. I had prepared a scenario, which I had printed out and brought to the session. Mistress was very receptive to this, and I watched as she smiled whilst reading it. I could tell she was looking forward to this just as much as I was.

As part of this chat, we discussed the use of a safe-word. For those of you reading this that are new to the scene, a safe-word is a very important part of the session. It is to be used when you feel you have had enough of a particular activity and cannot take any more. We picked a safe-word that we both felt was suitable, which was ‘red’. We also invented a safe-symbol, also very important. For a safe-symbol is a movement or gesture to be given by a sub when not able to speak the safe-word (for example if gagged or when engaging in activities such as breathe play). We agreed that the safe-symbol should be three taps from my hand to the floor or nearest object. Once all these formalities were out of the way, we were both ready to start the session.

The session started with mistress ordering me to fully undress, and to then wait on my hands and knees, on all fours, whilst mistress slipped into her outfit in the next room. The anticipation was sky-high. Mistress was ready in no time, and so just a few minutes later she entered the room, fully outfitted. And what an outfit; pvc top and corset dress, and black knee-high pvc boots, with massive imposing heels. As soon as I saw mistress I got an instant hard-on, which from the look on her face I could tell had pleased mistress.

“So, are you going to be a good slave for me?” mistress asked. To which I nodded like a good little sub. In truth, with it being several months since my last session with mistress I was not sure as to how I was going to perform as her slave again. I had voiced this concern to mistress prior to the session, and mistress was incredibly understanding in where I was coming from. It was agreed therefore that the session would start slow, so that mistress could gauge my initial performance, and up the intensity if deemed appropriate. Mistress knew from past sessions however that I was capable of enduring a lot of abuse, and that I responded well to an intense session, and I could tell from correspondences prior to the session that she was looking forward to the chance of abusing me with some hard abuse. I did not want to disappoint her in this regard.

Mistress allowed me to get up from all fours, and had me lie down on the bed, with my body (and by now my very large hard-on) pointing upwards. Mistress then took a whip from her exhaustive collection of many implements of pain, and started teasing my body with it. She didn’t hit me with this, but rather ran it up and down my body, teasing me gently, before rubbing my cock with it, and then my balls. I quivered in anticipation and nervousness, not knowing if mistress was suddenly going to hit my unprotected cock and balls with the whip. She didn’t however, as she had other plans…

“An ass-spanking I think to start with” mistress then said, and dropped the whip, which she replaced with a heart-shaped black leather paddle. She made me turn over, and had me assume the necessary position on all fours, with my ass high up in the air ready to receive her paddle. “Are you ready slave?” mistress asked, to which I confirmed that I was. Mistress was in a very playful mood though it seemed; she proceeded to tease me with the paddle just as she had teased me with the whip, slowly running it over the flesh of my bare backside. I turned my head to look at mistress, and I watched as she stopped caressing my ass with the paddle, and instead raised the paddle high in the air, ready to strike. “Ready slave?” she asked again, to which I nodded to confirm I was. She then raised the paddle even higher, and then forcefully swooped the paddle towards my ass, but again being a tease she stopped before it made contact with my cheeks. Mistress found much amusement in my predicament. At this point I could tell she was going to enjoy abusing me. “No slave, turn your head back round” mistress ordered. She obviously did not want me to watch her, as she obviously intended the spankings to be a surprise when they happened. So I rotated my head back round, and in doing so replaced the gorgeous sight of my beautiful mistress, with that of a rather boring pillow on the bed.

Several seconds later I felt the first slap of mistress’s paddle on my bare backside, followed by another, and a third, in quick succession. Mistress paused for a short moment, to gauge my reaction, and as I had not let out any screams or indication of pain, mistress resumed spanking my cheeks. A fourth, fifth, sixth spanking followed. We were just getting started on the pain-play, and immediately I was at home. Any reservations that I had, and had raised with mistress were now completely unfounded. For I took the spankings very easily, and hardly felt any pain, which told me (and showed mistress also) that I would be able to take a good deal of pain and abuse during the entirety of the session.

Mistress continued to spank my cheeks, mostly alternating between my left cheek then right cheek, but sometimes changing her order, with two or three spanks to one side, to mix things up somewhat. I had started to count the spankings in my head, but after just a couple of minutes mistress had gone past 20 spankings, and I decided to stop counting. In total, I guess mistress spanked my ass for about 15 minutes straight! Every so often she would stop the spanking, for about 30 seconds, during which time she would tease me by rubbing the paddle slowly over my spanked ass. Only to resume the spanking again, only more harder. However, I am proud to say that even after 15 minutes-worth, I was still easily able to take mistress’s spankings, without needing to cry out in pain or use the safe-word for mistress to stop. 15-minutes worth of this (with the final 5-minutes worth being especially sharp) reminded mistress (that is if she needed reminding) that I am indeed one tough little pain slut, and that I was not going to be easy to break.

Once my bottom had turned a very nice shade of pink (and although I had stopped counting I guess this must have been a hundred or so spankings at least), mistress then ceased her spanking abuse. “I’m finished with your ass…for now” mistress told me, with a smile on her face, as she put the paddle down. Mistress also allowed me at this point to get up from all fours, and lie down on the bed instead, finally allowing me to gaze upon her figure.

“So, what shall we do next slave?” mistress then quizzed me. Being a good sub, I gave the most appropriate answer here – “whatever takes your fancy mistress”. Mistress then went over to the table where she had placed my scenario printout, and scanned through the document, looking for a suitable next activity. She stopped, and then put the printout back down on her table. “I think it’s time you worshipped my beautiful body” mistress then told me. And with that, mistress suddenly removed her pvc top and dress, to reveal matching pink bra and panties underneath. Now, since the recent bout of ass-spanking, my cock had shrunk back down in size. But as soon as I saw the fresh sight of mistress, in bra and panties my cock gained an instant hard-on. “I can tell you like what you see slave…as you should” mistress then said. Mistress then approached the bed, coming closer to me, till the point where she was right up close, her bra-cupped breasts just inches from my face. “I want you to meet my two friends” mistress then said, and before I could even respond she pulled me towards her chest, planting my face in her gorgeous breasts. She held my face here for several seconds. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and despite the fact that mistress’s breasts were somewhat suffocating me, I found myself wishing this would not stop, and mistress would keep my face planted in her breasts for longer. I am yet to think of a better way to leave my mortal body than through suffocation from mistress’s breasts:-D But alas it did stop; after several seconds mistress released me from her chest. Mistress then looked down at my now even larger hard-on, and smiled; for she had spotted that pre-cum was oozing out. “You obviously enjoyed that…good, slave” mistress then said.

If I was on cloud nine during the very brief face-in-breasts moment, then what happened next sent me to could ten! Mistress ran her hand over my pre-cum oozing cock, and then with a firm grasp, starting masturbating my cock. Not fast or hard, but very slow, and sensually, treating me to the most gentle hand-job I have ever experienced. “Now, don’t you dare cum!” mistress warned me. “You are not to cum until towards the end of our session, understand slave”. To which I nodded. Mistress continued to masturbate my cock, using her right hand, whilst occasionally rubbing my balls gently with her left hand. This delicate hand-job continued for several minutes. Despite me being incredibly aroused, I managed to control myself, and just as mistress had demanded, I did not cum.

Mistress then stopped masturbating my cock, but maintained her grasp on my cock, which all of a sudden she squeezed tighter. At this point mistress then started to masturbate my cock again, only this time she was squeezing my cock hard, and wanking me hard and fast. This aroused me even more then before as you can imagine. But mistress soon stopped this new more forceful masturbation. Probably a good thing, as I don’t think I could have taken much more without cumming, which I guess mistress was wary of too. So, mistress released he hard grasp of my cock, denying me a release. “No more slave, or else you will cum” mistress told me. “I will allow you to only cum at the end of the session…though only if you continue to behave” .

Mistress then looked at her hand, which had just moments ago been on my cock, and saw some pre-cum had graced her fingers. A grin formed on mistress’s face; “before me move on, I want you to suck my fingers clean slave”, as she thrust her sticky fingers into my mouth, forcing me to suck the pre-cum off”. Being what you would describe as a very kinky individual, I have had no shortage of experience in the past of tasting my own cock juice, and so I had no problem with giving mistress’s fingers a good clean here.

“Oh, you are good at sucking” mistress then joked. “So, let’s now have you sucking the heel of my boot” she demanded. So, with me lying down on the bed, mistress brought a chair over next to the bed, which she sat down on, planting her bottom comfely on a cushion on the seat of the chair. Sitting down in a relaxed position, she raised her left leg up, and forced the very large (and threatening-looking) heel of her black pvc boot into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the heel, and wanting to please mistress, started sucking the heel back and forth, very fast. “Stop!” mistress demanded. “Do you think this is a cheap cock for you to suck?” mistress then asked me. “Slowly and gently slave. Worship your mistress!”. And so I changed my approach; I slowly sucked the heel of mistress’s boot, worshipping it with my lips and tongue.

After a couple of minutes of this, mistress retracted the heel from my mouth. She didn’t lower her boot though, but merely pointed the tip of the boot towards my face. I did not need mistress to tell me what to do next; I lowered my face close to mistress’s boot, and started worshipping it. Conscious of my recent telling off, I made sure not to get to carried away here, and so slowly worked my way up her boot, alternating between planting soft kisses on the pvc, and applying my tongue to the pvc, and in the process giving the boot a cleaning with my tongue. I continued to do this until I reached the top of her boot.

Mistress seemed to be enjoying this, and when I reached the top of her boot, had not moved her boot away to signal me to stop. So at this point I took a decision. It was a decision which I knew could turn out bad for me, with a punishment from mistress. But it turned out to be a decision which mistress approved of; instead of stopping when I reached the top of mistress’s boot (just below her knee), I planted a kiss on mistress’s bare flesh. I looked up a mistress immediately after this, to see if I had made a mistake or not. “Carry on” mistress said, and so I did. So I continued to plant kisses on mistress’s bare flesh, slowly moving up her body towards her panties. There is quite a difference between skin and pvc boots, so during this part of worshipping mistress I made sure just to plant kisses on her skin, as the last thing she would want would be my tongue and saliva all over her! Mistress complimented me on my worshipping skills, as I worked my way up, till I got just a few inches away from her panties, and I then stopped. For as much as I wanted to continue, I know that if I had gone any further up then this would have resulted in being punished by mistress.

“Good slave” mistress then told me. “You may now proceed to the other boot”. And with that she lowered her left leg, and raised her right leg up instead, and just like before she pushed the heel inside my willing mouth. And so I then happily repeated the whole process all over again. Several minutes later, both mistress’s boots and legs had been well and truly worshipped. Her boots had been cleaned and were giving off a glorious shine. And mistress’s legs had been kissed all over.

“I think I want the boots off now” mistress then advised, and she raised the left boot in the air, signalling for me to unzip and remove it, which I did. Delicately though; for I knew during this time if I caught mistress’s skin with the zip of your boot then all my previous good work in worshipping would be undone. So I slowly pulled down the zip on mistress’s boot, and carefully removed the boot from her leg. Mistress then raised her right leg, signalling me to do the same again, which I did.

Once out of her boots, I could see mistress’s bare feet. Her toenails painted pink, but with sexy silver glitter painted on top. Mistress really does go that extra length in her appearance! It immediately became apparent that mistress wanted the body worship to continue; she brought her left foot up close to my face. Again, I didn’t need any further instruction from mistress; I started worshipping her foot, which I did by switching between sucking her toes, and planting gentle kisses on her flesh. Whilst I was doing this I took the decision to cares mistress’s leg with my hand, which surprised mistress, though she reacted well to this. One of these days I imagine I will make a rash decision which my mistress does not like, but so far today mistress seemed to be enjoying the initiative I was showing. A couple of minutes later, mistress lowered her leg, and raised the other leg, and so I repeated the process again here.

“Very good slave” mistress then told me, having now worshipped pretty much the entire lower portion of her body. It was here that I thought the body-worshipping part of the scenario was over. But mistress soon dispelled this notion; “You have done so well in fact, that I am going to allow you to worship my tits”. To which mistress got up from sitting in her chair, and climbed on to the bed. Mistress was now standing on the bed, towering over me. She approached me closed, to the point where she was directly over me, and mistress then lowered herself down, so that she was sitting on my chest, straddling me, her panties-covered bum just inches from my cock, which started to throb and grow even larger. “Don’t get any ideas” mistress told me, obviously all too aware of the proximity of my cock to her bum. No, mistress was straddling me for another reason, as I was soon to discover; mistress grabbed my left hand, and directed it towards her left breast, cupped in her pretty pink bra. She planted my hand on her breast, and then released her grasp of my hand, with my hand now in full grasp of her bra/breast. Mistress then did the same with my right hand, so that I was grasping both her breasts. Unsure as to whether mistress wanted me to (and again this could have backfired on me if mistress reacted badly) I started fondling her breasts, caressing and squeezing them. Luckily though mistress responded well to this. I continued handling mistress’s cupped breasts for a couple of minutes, with mistress straddling me, when all of a sudden mistress’s sexy pink bra fell off in my hands; for what I hadn’t noticed was that whilst I had been fondling her, mistress had reached her hand round the back of the bra, and detached it!

I couldn’t believe what has happening, and felt so privileged that mistress was allowing me this level of body worship. So, mistress’s bra slipped off her breasts, and into my hands, where I then dropped them onto the bed. I looked up at mistress, straddling my body, and gazed upon her naked bare breasts. Such a magnificent sight. And such a rare sight for one of her subs to be allowed. Knowing that this is such a privilege, and not wanting to waste any time, I moved my hands back up, and started caressing mistress’s lovely bare breasts, running my fingers over her nipples. Wanting to make her nipples more erect, I then briefly removed my left hand, and sucked a couple of my fingers, leaving some saliva around them. I then rubbed mistress’s nipples with my wet fingers, which mistress enjoyed, and her nipples grew more erect in my hands. Mistress seemed to be enjoying this just as much as I was; she grabbed my left hand, and brought it to her face, and promptly started to slowly, seductively suck my fingers. At this point, my cock, just inches from where mistress was straddling me was throbbing, with a gigantic hard-on the likes I have never experienced (and never thought possible!). With my left hand now been used in mistress’s mouth, I continued to handle mistress’s breasts with my right hand, switching every so often from breast to breast. This continued for a couple of minutes, when mistress stopped sucking my fingers, and lowered my hand back down. Not towards her breast though; in fact at this point mistress pinned both my hands down by the side of my body, so that I could no longer touch her breasts.

“Enough touching” mistress then told me. It was with this comment that I thought that mistress had had enough of me worshipping her. How wrong I was though; “Let’s see how you do with your tongue” mistress said, and with that she let go of my hands, and pulled my head towards her breasts. Needing no further instruction, even though I could hardly believe my luck, I started sucking on mistress’s tits; first the left one, and then the right one, switching between moments of wrapping my tongue around her erect nipples, and sucking and kissing her tits. I was allowed to worship mistress in this way for only a few short minutes, but am grateful for every single second that she allowed me the privilege.

“That’s enough worshipping of my tits” mistress informed me. ” Feet, legs, and tits all worshipped, to a satisfactory standard…Time I think for slave to worship my ass”. And with that mistress lifted herself off from on top of me, and got off the bed, where she walked over to her table of tools and implements. Watching mistress at the table, with her back to me, I was curious as to what tool she could be wanting, when she turned round to reveal she had picked up two pairs of silver handcuffs.

She approached the bed again, and teased me, by dangling both handcuffs in front of me. At this point my hands were still by my side on the bed. Mistress then grabbed my left hand, and pinned it to the head of the bed, where there was a strong silver railing. She took one of pair of handcuffs, and handcuffed my left wrist, attaching the handcuff to the rail. Mistress then took the second pair of handcuffs, and did the same with my right hand. So that both hands were independently handcuffed to the top of the bed. Mistress then showed me the two keys to the handcuffs, which again she teased by dangling them in front of me. By the way, these must be amongst the smallest keys I have ever seen!, and so very easy to lose them I remember worrying myself. “We won’t be needing these” mistress remarked, to which she threw both keys across to the opposite side of the room, where they landed somewhere around a pile of stray clothes, out of sight.

The handcuffs rubbed my skin a little, and were a bit painful at first, but I won’t lie; I was absolutely loving this. And besides, those who know me know that I like some pain anyway!

So, with me restrained, mistress then got up on the bed again, towering over me like she had before. Mistress walked up the bed a little, moving further up than last time when she had straddled my chest. No, this time mistress was directly over my head. As I looked up, I saw the sight of my mistress, still with bare breasts, with just her panties on. And then mistress lowered herself down on to my face, planting her bum in my face, with just her panties in between.

“I want you to worship my ass slave” mistress demanded, as I laid, pinned-down on the bed, restrained by two sets of handcuffs and unable to move. Actually that is a lie. One part of my body could move; my dick was throbbing!

I could hardly breath, being suffocated as I was by mistress smothering my face and mouth with her ass. And yet despite this predicament, I was loving the position I was in, and the power that mistress had over me. All I could do was lie there and take mistress’s ass in my face. Mistress forced me to sniff her panties during this, and also made me open my mouth and lick her panties. When mistress could tell I was struggling for breath (I started wriggling on the bed when about to run out of breath, not wanting to use my safe symbol until absolutely essential) mistress then elevated herself up off my face, allowing me to breathe for a short moment, before lowering herself back down on to my face. She repeated this several times, which caused her great amusement, which I could tell from the fits of laughter coming out of her mouth. Following several minutes worth of worshipping mistress’s diving panty-wearing bottom, mistress climbed off of my face, allowing me to breath fully once again, mistress’s panties and ass having been worshipped to her desired standard.

“I think you have had more than enough time to worship me slave” mistress then told me. Still handcuffed to the top of the bed, I then watched as mistress stood up to the side of the bed, and put her hand on her panties. Her panties at this point were looking very wet and sticky. I am unsure whether all of this was from my saliva, or if some of the juices were mistress’s own making! “I need to get these wet panties off” mistress then told me, with a grin on her face. And true enough, mistress did; she started removing them ever so slowly, teasing me as she went. With each downward movement of her panties my incredibly hard and throbbing cock grew even bigger. Then in one quick movement, she removed her panties completely, to reveal mistress in all her beautiful nakedness. I naturally took immense pleasure from the sight before me. “Do you like what you see?” slave, she asked, to which I rather cheekily responded “Is that a trick question?” mistress. Mistress was taken aback at my cheeky response, to which she responded with “that’s far too much talk coming from your mouth slave”, after which she took her wet panties, and forced them into my mouth as a gag, muting me in the process.

“I think you need to stay like that for a while” mistress then sternly told me, and she then left the room, exiting to the upstairs portion of her house. So, there I was left handcuffed to her bed, with mistresses panties stuffed in my mouth, unable to speak, or move for that matter. There was silence for about four minutes, when I suddenly heard footsteps coming back down from the upstairs room. I then saw mistress re-enter the room, still completely naked in all her glory, but she was not alone; she had brought her boyfriend down with her, who like mistress, was also completely naked, save for a cock ring which he was wearing. Mistress looked at me, and smiled, as she knew I was starting to comprehend what was about to take place. Having got all horny from the bout of worshipping that had taken place, she now intended for me to watch as she and her boyfriend got it on together. They started by caressing and kissing. Her boyfriend kissed mistress’s beautifully-formed breasts, and they continued in this manner for a couple of minutes. During the time mistress had gone upstairs, my throbbing hard cock had shrunk in size, but with the sight now in front of me, it was growing larger and larger again. Mistress then paused to look at me for a moment, and noticed the change in my appearance down-below. “well, that is quite a large cock you have there, isn’t it slave?” she said, to which I smiled, and thanked mistress for the compliment. But she then followed through with “too bad you won’t be using it slut!”, and she gave my cock a hard-slap with her wrist. As I winced a little in pain, she moved her attention back to her lover. At this point she got on to the bottom of the bed, just beneath my feet, and opened her legs. Mistress was ready for a real man to satisfy her now, and so her boyfriend got on the bed now too, and started fucking mistress, right there underneath my body! So, unable to move, I watched on as mistress and her boyfriend got it on right in front of me. This was really turning me on, and I craved the use of my hands, so that I could play with myself during this, but being handcuffed to the top of the bed this was not possible, which tormented me so, amusing mistress plenty. Every now and then whilst being penetrated by her boyfriend she would glance back at me, and laugh at my predicament. This lasted about 30 minutes. I could tell that both of them would have been able to go for several hours, but I guess mistress wanted to conserve her energy for the rest of the session, and move her focus back to abusing me some more. So, her partner then retired back upstairs, and after having a few minutes to compose herself, mistress got up from the bed.

Mistress then moved her hand along her naked flesh. “I appear to be a bit hot and sticky slave”, mistress teased. Mistress then approached the bed, where I was still restrained, and removed the panties from my mouth, to which I let out a big breathe of air. It soon became clear however as to why mistress had removed the panties gag from my mouth; mistress turned around, the back of her thighs inches from my face, and then she bent over, thrusting her naked bum in my face. “Worship my ass some more slave” mistress ordered, to which I just about managed to lift my head high enough whilst in the restraints to reach mistress’s bum. I started licking mistress’s bum, to which I immediately heard mistress shout “stop”. Mistress obviously did not like my approach here. “No slave is allowed to lick me down there!” mistress sternly told me. “You are only to kiss my ass”. And so having been put in my place, I then proceeded to worship mistress’s bare behind by planting kisses all over her cheeks.

I continued in this manner for several minutes. My neck was really hurting, for it was incredibly difficult to do this whilst restrained in handcuffs. Mistress could see that I was having some trouble, and so having received plenty of kisses to her bum she rose up, thereby concluding the ass worshipping, and allowed me to rest my head and sore neck.

Mistress then asked me if I would like a drink before the session continued. To which I responded that I would. So mistress then left the room to enter her kitchen, and came back several seconds later with a bottle of white wine. She opened the wine, and left it to sit for a minute or two, during which time she put on a new pair of panties nearby, her previous pair by now too wet to wear, from having been in my mouth for the last 35 minutes or so. Mistress also found her bra from nearby, which she also put on. So mistress was now wearing black panties with her pink bra. They didn’t match obviously, and I was going to make a joke to mistress about how this looked, but decided to bite my lip. For such a remark would not have pleased her!

Mistress then took the bottle of wine which had been sitting for a couple of minutes. I thought she was going to pour me a glass, but instead mistress drank some wine from the bottle. She put the bottle back down, and approached me. “Would you like some slave?” mistress asked, to which I nodded yes. Mistress then took another drink of wine from the bottle, but instead of swallowing it, she kept it in her mouth. She lowered her head, so that it was directly over my face, and told me to open my mouth, which I did. Mistress then slowly let the wine pass from her mouth into mine, which she did with great aim and precision. I swallowed the wine, and thanked mistress for the drink.

After my drink, mistress allowed me to rest for a couple of minutes, whilst she slipped back into her pvc top and corseted dress, and pvc boots.

Once fully dressed back in her domme gear, I could tell that having been worshipped for a good amount of time, and having gotten it on with her partner, that mistress was now ready for some different, more abusive activities. And it didn’t take long before the identity of said activities became apparent.

Mistress walked over to the other side of the room, where she took a bag from a table. She walked back over to the bed, and emptied the contents of the bag; there must have been about 30 wooden pegs which emptied out of the bag, and landed on parts of my body, one or two of them hitting my cock as they fell. Mistress obviously now had some pain play in mind. “How many pegs do you think I can get on your cock and balls?” mistress asked, to which I answered what I thought was a good guess; “20, mistress” I said. “Let’s see then” she responded, and she then proceed to clip the pegs on in swift fashion, one by one. She started with my balls, and to my surprise she managed to fit 10 pegs on to each ball. So, 20 pegs had been fitted, and she had not even begun on my cock yet! She then moved on to my cock, and placed the remaining 10 or so pegs on, most around the shaft, but two or three quite painfully direct on to the tip of my cock. “Oh dear” mistress said. “It looks like your guess was way off, so you will need to be punished”. Mistress then got up and took a picture of my heavily-pegged cock and balls.

She then retrieved the whip which she had teased me with earlier. “Time for them to come off” mistress advised, with a big grin on her face. And then without any further warning mistress started hitting the pegs with her whip, knocking them off my cock and balls one by one. This produced a short but sharp stinging pain with each peg, some hurting more than others depending on where they were placed. Some of the tighter pegs would not come off very easily, and so some of them took a good four or five hard knocks with the whip before they became dislodged. With most of the pegs off I was wincing in pain, but mistress was not finished yet; she had saved the most painful for last, having left the three pegs in place on the tip of my cock. “Are you ready slave?” she asked, to which I nodded, trying not to reveal to mistress how petrified I was at the thought of what was about to happen. Mistress then smiled, took aim and forcibly drove her whip through the air towards the tip of my cock. It made painful contact with my throbbing, now-red cock, and dislodged two of the pegs. I cried out in pain, and mistress almost collapsed in a fit of laughter. But there was still one peg left on my cock. This peg was very tight on the tip of the cock, just over the japs-eye, which at this point was oozing pre-cum. “A different approach I think for the last peg” mistress then taunted. And she dropped the whip, and swiftly grabbed the peg with her hand, twisting it slightly, which caused me to cry out again, and pulling, until it dislodged itself from my now very marked ad very sore cock. “That’ll do nicely slave…for now” mistress said. “Though I will return to your cock and balls later”. So, obviously mistress enjoyed torturing me here, and had more cock and ball torture in mind for later. For now though I was given a respite, down below at least!

“That was fun” mistress joked. “Shall we use the pegs somewhere else” she asked, to which I nodded yes. Mistress then took a handful of pegs, and applied them to my nipples. She placed six pegs around each nipple, with one peg placed directly on each nipple, which she made sure to get erect slightly before doing so, to add to the pain sensation. With all 14 pegs on and around my nipples, she then took a further peg, and made me stick out my tongue, to which she then placed the 15th peg on to my tongue. I then expected mistress to reach for her whip again, with a view to removing the pegs, but to my surprise she did not do this, electing instead to leave them on me for some time. This would be a test, to see how long I could go for before needing the pegs to come off. She did at least remove the 15th peg from my mouth, which thankfully consisted of gently easing it off, as opposed to swiping her whip in the direction of my face/mouth!

“You are doing very well” mistress then advised me, complimenting me on the fact that I had not yet used the safe word, and remarking that I was just as much of a pain-slut as she had remembered. “So, shall we do something a little bit more dangerous?” she asked. To which I rather to quickly answered “yes” not even thinking about the question. “That’s what I like to hear” mistress then said. Mistress then approached my face, and gently caressed my face and hair, before saying “take a deep breath in slave”. I followed mistress’s instruction a took a very deep breath in, and as soon as I had done so I found mistress’s hand had covered my mouth, and her other hand had covered my nose. For mistress was now entertaining my desired fantasy of breath-play.

So, there I was lying on the bed, still handcuffed to the top of the bed, with pegs on and around my nipples, with mistress restricting my breathing. She kept her hands over my mouth and nose for an extended amount of time, knowing that I wanted to play with this more dangerous side of things, and also fully aware of my safe-symbol should this be needed. I did not need the safe symbol however, and mistress released her hands from my mouth and nose after what seemed like a couple of minutes, after which I let out a much-needed breath. Mistress complimented me on my performance so far, but was not ready to retire from breath-play just yet. So, just seconds after I had breathed out, she again put her hands over my mouth and nose. Only this time I had not been warned, and so I had not taken a deep breath in. Again mistress kept her strong grip over my mouth and nose, making it impossible for me to breath. About a minute passed, and I was getting to the point where I was about to use my safe-symbol; for I needed to breathe desperately, but just as I was about to use the safe-symbol, mistress released her hands again, allowing me a much-needed breath. Mistress was again pleased with how well I was doing with this activity, but she wanted more. “One more time slave I think” mistress said. This time, mistress allowed me a deep intake of air, before she again held her hands over my mouth and nose. Mistress obviously wanted to push me, to see how long I could hold out before needing to use my safe-symbol. So, unable to breathe, I tried to hold out as long as I could, for I so wanted to please mistress, and not have to cave in and use my safe-symbol. And it went on, and on. It seemed like two or three minutes that I held out for, unable to breathe, and again just when I was about to use the safe-symbol, mistress released me. I think mistress was wise to do so, as my desire to please mistress and my reluctance to use the safe-symbol perhaps clouded my senses a little here. After releasing me, I was able to finally breathe, and gain much-needed oxygen. Mistress was indeed pleased with my endurance here, and she commented that this was amongst the best breath-play she had ever conducted with a sub.

“That’s enough breath-play for today” mistress then said. “I want to abuse your body some more!”. And with that, she walked over to her implements of pain on a table on the other side of the room, and picked up a pinwheel. I had had very brief experience with the pinwheel in the past, and wanted to get more use from it, so seeing mistress pick this up pleased me immensely. Mistress returned to the bed, and wasted no time in making contact with the pinwheel on my body. She moved the pinwheel in and around my pegged nipples. At this point the pegs were really pinching down and starting to hurt, but I kept enduring the pain. Mistress moved the pinwheel down slowly from here towards my cock and balls, where she stopped, and released the pinwheel from my flesh. “Time to torture that cock and balls again” mistress said, with a devilish look on her face. Mistress then reached over and grabbed a couple of elastic bands which were nearby. She wrapped one band around my cock, and another, tightly around my balls, in readiness for the pinwheel abuse. And mistress then started; slowly she moved the pinwheel over my balls, alternating between a very soft contact with the pinwheel, and pressing down with the pinwheel, causing me to wince every now and again. Mistress derived much amusement from my reactions here. She continued in much the same manner when moving the pinwheel from my balls up the shaft of my throbbing (and sore) cock. Up and up the pinwheel went, until it reached the top of my cock, and then back down the other side, back down to the balls for some more abuse. Mistress must have been enjoying herself here; for she continued abuse by pinwheel for a good 10 minutes. Mistress finally had to stop her abuse. For my cock and balls truly had been prodded as much as they could take, and in fact some blood was evident in the balls area. Mistress was well-prepared for this however, and she promptly brought forth some alcohol and cleaning wipes to tend to my abused member. Mistress assured me here that small piercings of the ball-sack such as I had endured were nothing to worry about, and that it would soon heal, which put my mind at rest a lot, enough to continue with the session. With this, both mistress and I agreed that this would be enough cock and ball torture for today, and that I had done exceptionally well. She removed the elastic bands from my cock and balls, which I had forgotten all about until she removed them! I was very pleased with my progress in this area, as CBT is an area that I have been very weak at in past sessions.

It was at this point that I asked mistress if the pegs could now be removed from my nipples. She agreed that she would allow this, but advised that they could only come if I agreed to allow her to whip them off, in much the same manner she had done earlier when they were on my cock and balls. I nodded in agreement, and tried to prepare myself mentally for the pain that was about to be rained down on my nipples. Mistress grabbed her trusted whip, and started by stroking the whip back and forth over the pegs, rather gently so as not to knock the pegs off yet. And then she added more force to her movements of the whip, moving it quickly from left to right, and moving from one nipple to the next, not taking aim at any particular peg, but hitting them all as she went. Her momentum of the whip gained and gained, and the pegs started falling off in the process. She continued in this manner for about a couple of minutes, until around two thirds of the pegs had come off, and mistress then upped the force and momentum of the whip even more. At this point the pain was really quite strong, but I endured, again reluctant to use the safe-word. For I so wanted to please mistress and not cave. Eventually all the pegs were removed from my nipples, leaving me with two very red, and extremely erect (and battered looking) nipples. “Good boy” mistress said, and then she cleared the pegs away, ready to move on to her next form of abuse.

After mistress walked across the room and picked up a large candle, and some matches, it soon became evident that her next form of abuse was to be wax-play. I had tried wax-play with mistress in a previous session, and been very weak at it as well I might add, a point which mistress brought up here. She knew this was a weak point for me, and wanted to see a definite improvement. Mistress lit her candle, and brought this close to my body, teasing me with it. She then held the candle up quite high above my body, and tilted it ever so slightly, to make a small drop of wax fall from the candle on to my naked flesh. This fell on to my stomach, and from such a height was not painful to me at all. I indicated as much to mistress, who was keen to gauge my pain threshold on this activity, and so mistress then happily lowered the height of the handle slightly. This would mean the wax would be hotter when it hit my flesh. Slowly mistress started dropping small bits of wax over my body, starting at my stomach, and working up to around my sore nipples. Then back down again, to my stomach, and on to my cock and balls, which at this point had healed surprisingly fast from the earlier pinwheel torture. To my surprise I took this remarkably well, and so signalled as much to mistress. So mistress lowered the candle considerably more, bring it much closer to my body, which would ensure hotter wax hitting my body. I soon realized however that my newfound confidence in wax play was a little unfounded; at this height when mistress poured the wax over my body I winced in pain, and although I did not use the safe-word, mistress knew I couldn’t take much more. Mistress was disappointed in my weak performance here, and was a little perplexed that I was weak here considering my high pain threshold with nipple torture and CBT. “I’m going to have to punish you slave for such a weak display” mistress then sternly told me.

And punish me mistress did with a serious bout of intense spanking and pain play, though I am unsure if this can be considered punishment when a sub enjoys it as much as I did? So, having retired her candle, mistress then found her heart-shaped paddle. Knowing how well I can take a good beating, mistress intended to beat me severely, and she had no trouble in telling me this. Before mistress continued however, she walked over to the over side of the room, and managed to locate the keys to the handcuffs, where they had landed earlier. Mistress released me from the handcuffs, which I thanked her for. But I soon realised the only reason mistress did this was to get me to turn over and put me on all fours, in a suitable position for a good ass-spanking.

So, mistress then proceeded to beat my ass with her paddle for the next 10 or 15 minutes it seemed. This was quite a painful ass spanking, with her paddle making sharp stinging contact with my cheeks each time, but I took the pain well, and withheld from using the safe-word. Mistress finally stopped her spanking abuse, and took some pictures of my by-now bright red bottom.

“What shall we do now slave?” mistress then quizzed me. I begged mistress if she would now consider finger fucking me, which I had included as a desire on my scenario printout, but until now was unsure as to whether mistress would agree to this. As I had been such a good slave up to this point mistress did agree to my request, and promptly jumped off the bed, to fetch a pair of latex gloves and some much-needed lube.

A few minutes and a few dollops of lube later, mistress was finger-fucking me as desired:) She started with just one finger, as my hole was very tight, but in no time at all she had stretched me out, and had two, and then three, fingers in me. I have no shame in admitting that I absolutely loved this, and I craved for more. “Fuck me harder” I yelled out to mistress, forgetting my place as her sub. “Harder?” she asked, to which I nodded. At this point mistress pulled out her three fingers, and for a moment I thought that in demanding too much I had blown it and she was going to stop. However, it soon became apparent that mistress was just teasing me, and had in fact pulled out in order to lube up some more. She lubed up the whole of her latex-gloved hand, and finished off the bottle of lube by squeezing the remainder directly into my open hole. Then, just for good measure she positioned herself over my hole, and took aim with a generous amount of spit from her mouth, which dropped directly into my hole. Mistress really is a superb marksman! She then arranged her fingers closely together, and slowly started pushing her hand into my now very-large hole. To my surprise (and I think to a little of Mistress’s surprise) I took in her whole hand quite easily, with little discomfort. Her hand, now a clench-fish was now inside me. Mistress then started moving her fist back and forth inside me, which simultaneously gave me both immense pleasure and some pain. But being a pain slut, I naturally loved this! Mistress was also loving this, which I could tell from the smile on her face and the laughter that came out of her mouth. Mistress fist-fucked me for a good 10 minutes before one final thrust of her fist deep inside me, which caused me to cry out in a mixture of pain/ecstasy. She paused for a couple of seconds, with her hand deep inside me. And then with no warning she pulled her hand straight out, causing another cry of pain/ecstasy from me. “Well, you said you wanted it harder” mistress then said, clearly revelling in my current state. Mistress then examined her glove, and showed me just how juicy the glove was. She brought the glove up close to my face, before forcing her gloved fingers inside my mouth. “Taste your ass juice bitch” she demanded, to which I did, which clearly amused mistress.

I should point out here that in past sessions I have taken a strap-on from mistress, and in fact I love nothing more than mistress abusing me in this way. But for this session, as I wanted to experience fist-fucking (which I had not experienced before), it was decided strap-on fucking would not be done. Bust just to make it clear for anyone curios about how mistress is with a strap-on; she is amazing! And I hope to take her strap-on in our next session, whenever that is. In fact, one of my goals for our next session is to take what mistress refers to as her ‘black beast’ for the very first time, which is something that simultaneously scares and excites me. For anyone who has seen her black beast will hopefully know what I mean here!

Once mistress was sufficiently happy that I had sampled my ass juice from her latex-gloved hand, she then removed the fingers of her glove from inside my mouth. We were now into the final hour of the session, and having covered pretty much everything so far on my scenario, I was unsure as to what mistress had planned next. But it soon became clear she wanted to abuse my body some more, with more pain-play. “I think I’m going to cane you slave” mistress then said. And with that she got up, and approached her implements of pain, and pulled out a very scary-looking bamboo cane.

Mistress then ordered me to lie down, on my back, facing towards the bottom of the bed, to which I complied. Then without warning mistress gave the sole of my right foot a smack with her cane. This was unexpected, but mistress had been quite soft (wanting to gauge my reaction I guess) and so I reacted well and did not feel much pain. In seeing my easygoing reaction, mistress gave a harder caning to my left sole. But again due to my (abnormally?) high pain threshold I did not feel much pain here. Mistress asked me how painful it was on a scale of 1 to 10, and being very cheeky here and getting a bit too cocky, I responded with “2″, advising mistress that it barely even tickled. Mistress understandably did not like this response, and immediately struck me with her cane, not on the soles of my feet, but on my cock/balls! “How about that slave, how does that rate”. Mistress was clearly furious with my cheekiness. The caning to my cock/balls was very painful, and it had caused me to cry out in pain, which mistress laughed at, though I took the pain quite well, and knowing (no, wanting!) more, I told mistress the cock caning was “about a 7″. Mistress was taken aback at this. For I think mistress was surprised at my high pain threshold. So, after a brief pause, mistress gave me another caning to my cock/balls, which caused me to cry out in pain yet again. “I want you to keep rating the pain slave on a scale of 1 to 10″. So I told mistress this most recent caning was “9″.

And so a cruel pain game had begun. For the next 20-30 minutes mistress proceeded to cane me all over my body; that is my cock and balls, my ass, feet, thighs, and nipples. The only places mistress did not cane were my arms, and my face (for obvious reasons I had made mistress aware prior to the session that I could not have any marks to my face or lower arms). Each time mistress administered another caning, I responded with the pain level out of 10, sometimes preceded by a cry of pain. Of how mistress abused me during this time, but you know what…I absolutely loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I became very cocky, and started teasing mistress, joking that some of the canings had tickled me, or rating her cane strokes as “2″ or “3″, all with the intent of riling mistress up, to make her hit me ever so harder on her next caning. I am pretty sure mistress caught on to my perverse plan, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think mistress enjoyed the fact that I wanted to go harder and harder, and mistress certainly did not hold back in unleashing her full force with her canings.

With just around 40 minutes left of the session, I imagine mistress wanted me to break down during this abuse, and use the safe-word, or that she wanted to hear me yell out “10″, but I stayed strong, not once using the safe word, and only occasionally rated her strokes as a 10.

And so the canings kept coming. I did not count them, but there were a lot! But I kept taking them, and taking them, like a good little pain slut for my mistress. Then, with about 25 minutes till the end of the session, mistress informed me that she would continue beating me for about another five minutes, before moving on to something else. So with just five minutes left of potential pain abuse left, I made a decision to really tease mistress, with the intent to push her over the edge and unleash hell on me for the next five minutes. And so, out of my mouth came the following words “I do believe mistress has found a slave she cannot break”. And my plan worked; mistress did not like my cheeky little remark one iota, and so she started caning me continuously, as hard as she could, now not even waiting for me to rate each stroke. Mistress did not cane my cock and balls during this. For her canings were extremely vicious, and had they been administered on my cock and balls they would have done some serious damage! No, instead, mistress focused her killer canings on my thighs and upper torso. I cried out in agony, but mistress continued, knowing I imagine that I was secretly loving it, and trusting me to use my safe-word if in an emergency. Mistress continued to unleash hell on me for a full couple of minutes, until the point where with one of her canings to my thigh, her (really quite strong) bamboo cane split in two. As soon as this happened, I wondered if mistress would be mad that I had caused one of her best canes to break, but no; mistress looked at me with a huge grin forming on her face, and we both just burst out laughing at what had happened.

This seemed to mistress the best place to stop. For my body was covered in marks, welts and bruises, and mistress’s cane was broken. Note to self; I must remember to buy mistress a new one!

At this point it was approaching the end of the session. With about 20 minutes to go, this seemed to mistress the best place to stop the abuse by caning. Mistress told me “I think you have taken as much pain as you can physically take”. For my body was covered in marks, welts and bruises, and mistress’s cane was broken, and so I agreed with mistress here. Note to self; I must remember to buy mistress a new one!

Mistress then climbed up on the bed, to which her pvc top and dress made contact with my bare flesh. “You have been a very good slave for me today…so I think you have earned yourself a reward” mistress then told me. And following her comment, before I could even respond and question mistress on what the reward would be, she reach out her hand and told hold of my cock. By now it had shrunk right down in size, following the recent bout of extreme physical abuse levelled at it and at the rest of the body. But despite all the abuse hurled at it previously, with mistress’s delicate touch it soon started to get erect once more, and grow ever bigger in size, to the throbbing size that it had been earlier.

“Good boy” mistress remarked, as if surprised that my member was still in working condition! Mistress then masturbated my cock for a short 30 seconds or so, spitting on it for some lubrication, and then masturbated it for another minute or so. No longer was she gently masturbating me like earlier in the session; for now she was wanking it hard and fast. She stopped after about another minute, obviously not wanting me to cum just yet. And mistress then released her hand from my cock, and got up from the bed, walking over to the table in the far corner of the room. She returned a few seconds later, with a condom in her hand. “You’ve been such a good slave, that I’m going to reward you by sucking your dick” mistress then told me, with a smile on her face. I couldn’t believe this was my reward, and I thanked mistress profusely in advance.

In no time at all, mistress took the condom out of its packet. Mistress then granted me the privilege of seeing one of her party tricks; she placed the condom on her mouth, and then brought her mouth t the tip of my cock, and over my throbbing shaft, placing the condom on my cock perfectly in the process. “Wow” I said to mistress superb party trick. Mistress did not respond though, for she wasted no time in taking the full length of my member inside her mouth. She wrapped her lips round my cock, and for the next 10 minutes gave me without a doubt the best blowjob I have ever had. Mistress has skills! Half-way through this incredible reward, mistress released my cock from her mouth, in order to tell me, no, demand me “do not cum until I say slave!”. Immediately after giving me this order, she returned her mouth to my cock, and took my cock deep in her throat, before pausing for a few seconds. She then continued to suck my cock back and forth in her mouth for a further five minutes, at which point I was incredibly close to cumming, and felt that my cock was about to explode at any moment. So I quickly informed mistress of this. Mistress then stopped sucking, and pulled her mouth out, and removed the condom from my cock, before pausing and smiling at me. At this point I thought mistress was going to be an evil tease, and deny me a release just at the point where I was very close to cumming. But luckily for me mistress had no desire of denying me my release; she grabbed my cock again and masturbated it back and forth. Mistress didn’t go particularly fast or hard at this point; for she was all too aware that I was close to cumming, and that I just needed a small amount more of arousal. And so with just a couple of good tugs back and forth, an enormous fountain of cum erupted from my cock, shooting up in the air, which landed back down in a puddle on my chest, just narrowly missing mistress in the process! And just in time too, for our session time was pretty much up, with just a few minutes to spare.

“Good boy” mistress then told me, and she passed me a box of wipes with which to clean my sticky mess up with. Clean myself up I did, whilst mistress tidied up some of her things. Our session had now sadly come to an end.

Mistress then allowed me to use her bathroom to shower and wash, after which I got dressed, and returned to mistress’s room to find mistress too had changed back into her normal clothes. Mistress and I then chilled out and chatted for a good 10 minutes. During this time we were back to behaving as friends, and not as mistress-slave. We both agreed it had been an amazing session, and that it had been too long since my last session, and that I should make a promise to myself and to mistress to not wait so long before my next session. Which is a promise I fully intend to keep.

And then I departed; I gave mistress a big kiss, and waved her goodbye. Until our next session together…which will be another story to be told in the future.