Femdom Webcam Shows – Pay Only £100 To Appear On My Webcam Show!

Fancy being part of my Femdom Webcam Shows? I am currently holding a special offer for my more exhibitionist Submissive Slaves for the rest of November. Due to popular request I am offering a reduced price for Slaves who wish to appear on webcam with me of £100 for one hour. Offer expires 1st December.

I had the most fabulous little Sissy visit my lair the other day to appear on webcam with me and we had a whale of a time entertaining my viewers.
When Biggles arrived he knelt down with a gift for me placed between his teeth which was most graciously accepted.
I then stripped him of his attire and ordered him to fold it neatly and place it in the corner. Next I selected a pair of beautiful glossy tan tights which I pulled up over his legs and bottom. I chose a racy black thing for him to wear, and then for the sheer hell of it I added a slutty pair of fishnet stockings over the top of his tights ad a brightly coloured fuschia bikini top. By the time I was finished he resembled the perfect Sissy slut! I finally added a mask to conceal his face and we were all good to rock n roll!

Switching on the cam we were greeted by excited watchers all eager to know what was going to happen next! I bent Biggles over to show my viewers his Sissy arse and G string and administered a firm spanking. This was met by cheers and excitement from my viewers. Next and to his great joy, I humiliated Biggles by having him suck on one of my wonderful big dildo’s. He sucked it like a true champion, huffing and puffing and squealing like a true slut. I was most impressed with his efforts. Finally it was time to completely take his dignity and have him take the whole length of my strap_on which he did with great ease.

A good time was had by all and I am seeing my amazing little Sissy slut soon for Round 2: on webcam!

Would you like to appear on webcam with me too and get a £40 discount on your booking? Simply e-mail me on worship@princesskaz.com and list the kind of domination you enjoy and any limits you have. If you play your cards right you can be my next little superstar in my Femdom kingdom!

Femdom Webcam Shows

Femdom Webcam Shows

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