Reading Mistress – My favourite Domination Props

These are some props I consider essential props in any Femdom Mistress kit – well at least my favourites anyway!

Paddles: After a good hand spanking a paddle made of good quality leather is a great way to discipline your Sub. A good paddle should last you a long time and deliver a nice a sharp sting to your slaves bottom.

Varying sized Buttplugs & Anal lube: If your Sub is a fan of anal play you will want to start small and warm him up to avoid injury. The bigger the buttplug the more lube you will want to use for ease.

Vibrating Strap-on: Strap-on play is very popular among my Subs, but I find when I use my vibrating Strap-on it sends them to Heaven! Those extra vibrations stimulate the prostrate and can result in an extremely happy ending!

Cock Rings: Can be used for sensual play or to make a punishment more severe. When placed around the testicles and penis the cock ring gathers the balls up tight making them more sensitive. Now image a sharp slap, a flick with your finger nail or a stroke with your flogger, the sensation will be heightened and you Sub will be putty in your hands!

Bondage Gear: The world is your oyster here. My favourite thing too use is good quality ropes tied with a hangman’s knot. Many online stores sell overpriced cuffs and restraints and these are nice to play with sometimes but it’s good to add in some bits from your local hardware store such as chains, clips and padlocks! Just don’t lose the key!

Your Mind: whilst physical play and pain play is fun, if you can get inside your Sub’s mind you will intensify the entire experience. What are his fears? His weak spots? Use your imagination to tease, install fear and leaving him guessing wat is coming next. Sexual arousal starts with the eyes and the brain so turn him on with your words and body language and make him feel vulnerable. Also look shit hot at all times and wear something that accentuates all your best bits and serves to make you look more powerful. High heels, stockings, thigh high boots, PVC/leather, collars, gloves and spikes will all add to the image you are projecting and showcase you as the twisted Femdom Mistress you love to be!

Ciao for now – your Reading Mistress – Princess Kaz! X

Femdom Mistress Domination Kit

Femdom Mistress

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